Wednesday, 22 June 2011


My lunch/dinner that I think was suppose to take something like 15 minutes to make but in reality took about 45 minutes. Oh well, I didn't realise he broccoli had to be put in earlier. I blame the orange and mustard sauce. I was actually really nice :) I'm quite proud of it. I'm proud of myself for touching the chicken breast to be honest, it's my biggest problem in cooking, I hate touching chicken.

I still haven't quite got round to doing today's revision, I'm considering leaving out the gym today in order to revise. But then, I do need to hit the gym :p

I should be hearing soon if I've got a job for the summer which is really important, I need money for clothes and music. I'm going to T in the Park this year and I need money for the ticket and the food whilst I'm there.

Oh well, it'll be fine.