Sunday, 25 March 2012

My Skincare Routine

Hello my dears. I give you warning that this will be both dull and photo heavy. I'm really not exciting with my skincare.

For Christmas my kind, darling mother bought me the full Liz Earle set.

So, first one use the Cleanse and Polish hot cloth cleanser. Muslin cloth blah blah blah. Everyone knows about this. I actually would have to say that personally I don't think this is the miracle product that everyone says it is. I think it's good, my face feels clean but it won't end all your spot problems ( or mine).

Next is the Toner. Not massively exciting again it's good but personally for me no toner will ever beat the Clinique toner (God among man). 

Skin Repair Moisturiser, this is good, a small amount really goes a long way. 

Now this is my favourite. The Intense Treatment Mask! Intense! :p You leave it on for about 10 minutes I think and it really made my skin feel soft and moisturised. Love it. 

Not to do with my face but also in the pack of goodies was this with smells deeeelicious! 

Body wash. mmmmm. Anything that has orange in it seems to appeal to me! Scrummy.

Talk later my loves xxx

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Touche Èclat Review

So a recent(ish) purchase from BuyaPowa  was the Touche Eclat from YSL.

Look at the box, even it is beautiful! Like it's been dipped in gold! Pfft.

We also get an exfoliant. Which looking at it I thought it was going to be really greasy but actually it was lovely!

And so onto the good stuff!

Do you have any idea how hard it is to photograph something reflectant?!?! It's hard man!

^ poor attempt at showing the consistency.

I have to say I'm really glad I got it on buyapowa because I'm really not so sure it's worth the hefty price tag. It's not a bright enough highlighter to make a proper difference, I guess maybe it'll make me look a bit more awake but then it's not like I can't survive without it.

I like it. I'm enjoying using it.

However, I don't think I'll be parting with the cash again for this. Your thoughts ladies? Think I'm crazy?


Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Nailed (twice)

Thought I'd just do a quickie ;) to show you guys my two latest elf nail varnishes. I know lots of people really don't life Elf polishes because of how short a time span they have but to be honest I'm so clumsy and messy that my nails somehow get chipped all the time anyway :(

 This is Copper.

This is Teal.

I think they are both really pretty but I love the Teal colour :)

s'laters lads :) xxx

Monday, 19 March 2012

Hauls Hauls Hauls

This was soooo long ago now.

This post carries a huge photo heavy warning!

First is my Elf purchases. As per usual I can't go onto the Elf website (which is here) without buying at least one new nail varnish. It's a problem, but I can't help it.

These two are in the colours of teal blue and copper. Genuinely don't think there's anything blue in the polish on the left :P

Also purchased this Cream Eyeshadow in 'Bronzed'.

It's a really nice colour but it takes a few swipes to show up strong.

I also noticed the new cream eyeshadows and decided to pick up the 'coffee" and 'metallic olive'.

Coffee on left and olive on right. I actually really like these (the brushes are shit) but the colours are nice and with primer they stay on a fair while :)

Right Lads if you're still with me MAU haul?

3 in 1 contour pen in dark brown and black. Since seeing this on the MUA blog (here) I've really wanted to try these out. I actually really really like them. They make cat flicks soooo easy!

Que fantastic (cough) swatches. I like 'em.

Well, I needed more green eyeshadow... and their brown ones are good...

But the green trio is shit...

Ahhh hello my pretties....

Shade 16 Nectar...

Glossy, beautiful, lasts for ages. Looks amazing on the ginger pale skin. How did I ever live without you?

Shade 15 Juicy... you come in handy when I can't find nectar in my bag :)
But you must be worn with lip balm underneath!

Shade 14 Bare, see now you just make me look dead...

It's like it's the same colour as me and it just looks bad but from the swatch I'd say it's a lovely colour!

Shade 13... If you take a gander back a blog post to me looking like a drunken loon this is the lipstick I'm daring to wear.

It stayed on very well. I loooove it.

This is my first "red" type pink bright thingy. I'm joyfully embracing it :)

s'all folks xxxx

Friday, 16 March 2012

Vintage Fair and Nights Out

One has decided that instead of writing up notes in the library like a good student I am going to write a blog post like a bad student... Who cares about a 3000 word essay.. hehe :| :|

So firstly can I just give a warning to those too young to drink. Don't start you'll end up like this...

However, I believe this is a suitable warning to all those who drink currently. These are not my glasses...

So on Tuesday... I think. Our uni had a vintage fair in the atrium which I'm afraid to say I assumed would be bollocks. However, my friends it was not and I spend too much money but came away with some lovely things :)

Firstly was this long necklace:

I have always had a thing for necklaces that have that weird face thing on them... should probably learn what that is but :P AND the best thing about this is it opens and is a working clock!!! Not only will I never be late ( LOL jokes) but I'll know how long of lectures/seminars I have left :)

One of the stalls were selling old records that had been moulded and formed into new things. Some were cake stands or jewellery stands or just like this...

I'm thinking I'll just keep rings or something in it :)

I finally found a nice wee purse! Big enough for some cash and my ID and a bank card. It's so cute as well. I've been needing a small purse because my normal purse is actually mahoosive!

Second thing from the same stall was for my uni keys. Just never got round to buying a keyring till now.

However, somewhat worried it'll get mucky in my bag...

So I'd decided that was it... Until I saw...........


This is most definitely not to everyone's taste but I think it's beauuuuutiful :) I love it.

Right sorry for being so picture heavy lads s'laters xxx

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Trinkets of Pleasure

ooh err.

Right calm down.

I was getting ready for uni the other the day and realised that on a day to day basis I really only wear a few pieces of my jewellery. I'd quite like to get more (less boring).

So over the Christmas holiday me and the mother fished out one of my favourite rings that had fallen behind a set of drawers :| irritating to high F. So I didn't get a great picture (apologies) but here it is;

I don't think it got bent behind the drawers... Who knows.

Also a gift by the mother bought on a whim as she thought I might like it was this necklace;

Possibly not everyone's taste but I love how big and chunky it is. I like it :)

At our Uni they have a sort of mini market in the atrium every thursday and there was a jewellery stall that sold very bizarre stuff but I also caught sight of this cutie;

It's nice just for when I want to pin back my side-fringe, get my hair out my face.

I got this beauty on Holiday years ago! Loved it ever since. It's had about a million different chains. It's really heavy as well. Urgh it's just beautiful!

Lastly a Christmas present it's taken me aaaages to get round to wearing. Now I've started I always reach for it. I think it's the rose gold I'm currently in love (dying for a Michael Korrs!)

That's all for now my loves xx

P.S I will get my Hauls done but but but I have essays and blood tests and canceled flat viewings to contend with :( xx

Monday, 12 March 2012

Glossybox : The Harrods Edition

Let me prefix this post with saying after I opened my box I immediately canceled my subscription to Glossybox. I canceled Carmine a while ago (student funds) and decided I'd wait for this "oh so exciting, totally amazing, special edition".

I'm utterly disappointed and very unimpressed. However, on with the show.

So as per usual with Glossybox when it's a "special occasion" we have a different colour box. This month's was white and inside was black...

So the first thing was Versace Vanitas in quite literally the cutest bottle I've ever seen. It was a very good sized tester, now this I like! It smells amazing! It is quite an older scent but still quite sweet and I'm sure it costs the moon and back but if I ever find myself rather rich (or in the possession of a rich man) I may look into purchasing it). 

Oh look.... more body butter... I'm so smooth I make babies look like dried up old prunes. However, I will give it to this that it smells amazing! I do love the smell of oranges!

Piss off Glossybox! I do not need any more products to stop my skin sagging or to prevent and or cure my wrinkles! But if I did I would be settled for with all the creams you lot have been piling onto me :| NO MORE I TELL YOU!!!

Right, I appreciate it's Lancôme yaaaay :| but on the other hand... I freaking hate lipgloss. Now I do know that this is in no way Glossybox's fault. I therefore do not hold them accountable for this gross mistake :P

I'm as firm as a ripe pear! I'm so firm because of these bloody creams I can hardly move.... Okay slight over-statement but still... We had Clarins recently didn't we?

 Is it just me?

Am I being a bitch to the lovely Glossybox people? I don't know...

Let me know xxx