Monday, 30 January 2012

River Island Haul

I managed to haul myself to the shops (thank god) crutches and all, ahh the sympathy looks. I ended up having a nice splurge in River Island.

I tried on a beautiful brown/black patterned blouse, it was stunning. However it was £30 and then I saw this for £35;

Haven't had a new bag in ages. It was about time. It's laaavely! I'm really loving the blue and white stripes with brown leather, I've seen a few bags similar and I think they're gorgeous. I was actually surprised this was £35 because sometimes River Island can be really expensive for what you're getting.

I also (as it was quiet and therefore not stressful; no women hitting you with handbags) had a peruse of the sale rack and picked up these two little lovelies;

The wee faun t-shirt that says "where do we go from here?" was just £5 and you can never have too many t-shirts. The hoody was £12 and every time I'm going to T in the Park or any other festival I always realise I don't have enough big comfy hoodies, so this whilst being a bit too big (obviously they didn't have a 10 or 12, only an 8 or 14) will be perfect for festivals and bumming around the house.

I also picked up in the sale a pair of boots. I have the exact same pair in black/grey and wear them all the time and these were reduced to £15 so an absolute steal as they are normally £65.

They're so pretty :) I forgot how tight they were at the top when I first got them mine are all loose now. I wore the left one the other day, have to say I'm sure sure how much brown goes with black chunky moon boot. 

Last thing, promise, I got a new going out dress. I saw this online and fell for it. It was only £30 and my mother liked it too. 

I just really loved the cut of this dress at the top, and the lace. It's gorgeous and really nice on. It's lace down the back as well, it's a bit different to most of the lace dresses around that I've seen. I shall be wearing it to my friend's 20th. I'm hobbling to the pub (where if I get steaming drunk the boyfriend will be there to chivalrously carry me home).

That's all folks ;) xxx

Friday, 27 January 2012

NAIL me baby ;) twice.

I've wanted this colour for ages. I love greens and dark greens. Gorgeous, this was only £2 because I had a £5 off No7 voucher (bargain!).

Totally Teal. Totally gorgeous... (see what I did there ;) I really need to hobble out more).

It's gorgeous in two coats. I think it's lovely definitely one of my new favourites and I'm so glad I finally managed to buy it (much to the boyfriends anger at yet another nail polish, he just doesn't understand).

Mmmm. Yummy. However, I also decided to put my other new polish on over the top. (At this point be wary of a lot of photos) This is why you'd be nailing me twice ;) teehee. Yes I'm a fourteen year old boy.

I saw Revlon Galaxy on Amazon for a lot less than it normally is in Boots and as I loved 'Faucets of Fuchsia' so much I thought "well, why not".

And actually because I'm a bit of a tool I didn't see that it was a top coat and ended up just wearing glitter for a few days... oh to be 5 years old again. 

But this is them together;

I have to say I do rather like it. The photo isn't amazingly clear (apologies) but it just adds a little extra oomph to the polish. 

Have a nice day my chumlets. xxx

P.S on a more topical note did anyone see the tennis today? More importantly Nadal and Djokovic topless... mmmmm. Worth stumbling out of bed for I'd say. 

She who waits...

Having a broken foot does have it's benefits.... Which happens to be a Benefit product;

I can't tell you how long I've wanted this. I had to choose between this and Benetint last time. But lucky for me mum has boots points.

I've wanted a highlighter for aaaages, sometimes I think just a little bit of blusher and highlighter looks much more elegant than lots of blush and this is really beautiful! I'm so grateful to my mother for splurging on the £18.50 ( I think) which she could have spend on herself.

It's a lovely creamy texture and is really blendable I think it would be easy to mix with foundation, but I've just been putting it on top. It does have a slight shimmer but nothing over the top or obvious, just enough to catch the light. It's gorgeous!

I've been on a bit of a shopping splurge recently so expect hauls :)
Goodbye my chums hope you're all well! xxx

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Lusting over shoes

When the ability to walk is back under my command I desperately need a new pair of black heels. It's annoying how the sales are right now... cue broken foot, and not being able to try on shoes, of course the massive limp is in style this season!

I like shoes with a bit of a quirk and these caught my eye whilst on the Schuh website;

They were £68 but are now reduced to £44.99 online here. I don't like plain black shoes but these are plain with just something else to spice them up, to be honest most people wouldn't even notice it. But I know it's there.

On a more luxurious note, if I had a spare £80 to spend on shoes that are most definitely not to everyone's taste I would buy these beauties;

Irregular Choice shoes are my achilles heel. They make me weak. It's like I can see they are odd and yet I still think... I love you.

Schuh tend to have a few of their styles in and I always fall for one.

Guess it's a good thing I won't be wearing heels for a couple months :(

Boohoohoo xxx

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Fire, a cuppa, and an amazing book

Now what is more relaxing than;

A fire?


A cup of tea?

Well, I'll tell you, my chums. It would be both of these things AND as the title would suggest a truly marvellous book;

I have loved lots of the Sherlock films since I was little, I think my Dad used to make me watch them. Now as a sort of adult type teenager thing I still love the film and more so the TV version with the gorgeous Benedict Cumberbatch (tempted to throw in a picture there... might cause weak knees all round though). 

In my opinion, The Sign of the Four was no where near as good, the beginning was a hooker, Sherlock's ability to tell remarkably personal facts about Watson's brother by a watch is "elementary"... or just fantastic. But for the rest of the story... meh. 

However, A Study in Scarlet was amazing. Without giving too much away, the book goes off on a tangent and I was annoyed but then that realisation when everything makes sense. Pure elation. 

The best bit about the Collector's Library;

Oh yes, you don't get gilt edges in a kindle (cough DEVIL CHILD cough). You know you're a book fanatic when the sight on this sets your pulse racing... that or you really need to get out more. 

Goodbye my chums. xx

New Obsession: Downton Abbey

I cannot even fully explain this new love. Only that is has gripped my heart and tears have been (proudly) shed.

One can also hear me cackling at Maggie Smith's brilliant one liners and equally hilarious facial expressions.

I'm a bit late jumping on this bandwagon as the first series came out in 2010 I think and I've just had a marathon of the two seasons. But it was the most amazing marathon in the world!

The second series definitely tops the first, the women finally seem to have a purpose once the war starts and irritating sisterly feuds are put to one side and even deeper issues are addressed. Scary stuff, not for the weak hearted (or those who tend to cry at Every. Single. Movie.

(return of the camera)

It's definitely worth a watch, if you like period dramas, comedy, love stories. You name it, its got it! 


P.S Christmas Special brought a whole new world of heart ache and happiness!

Friday, 20 January 2012

What's that wonderful smell?

Oh it's just me :)

Because I am, lets face it, a technical genius, I (somehow) managed to figure out how to get the blooming laptop to flip photos round. Hells yeah! So, yes it's a shitty camera and not my lovely new one but at least photos are the right way (so stop complaining you!)


Mandarin and Mint. Odd smell there, but I have to admit I think It smells delicious. The best bit about this is that it foams! 

Remember how excited you got when you were little and the bathroom had foaming soap!?!? It's like that EVERY time you shower except this smells about 150 times better!!! I love the slightly odd smell it's definitely more fruity than minty. It's delicious! 

£6.50 is not a bad price considering how little you have to use, treat yourself :) 


Thursday, 19 January 2012

NAIL me anytime : Razzle Dazzle

So in last months glossy box I'm sure the whole world and his dog is aware we received Deborah Lipmann's Razzle Dazzle:

Yes I do know its the wrong way round :| Blame the computer

It really is rather lovely! 

I was so excited when I found out this was one of the products and soooo unbelievably annoyed when it arrived the day after I got home from university. Sigh. That my chumlets is my life... (I'm allowed to be self-pitting I can't walk!)

I love nail varishes with big glitter, never really been a huuuuge fan of small glitter it sort of reminds me of being a kid wearing sparkly polish. But this is lovely:

It's quite sheer when it's on in one coat but in two is a lovely maroon/wine colour. It's gorgeous! I'm assuming it's just me and my (ridiculously) bad habit of biting and picking at my nails but this started chipping in just 2 days, but for this I shall happily blame myself.

I don't know if I (as a scrounging student) would pay the RRP of £16.00... I don't think so but then I'm reluctant to pay over a fiver for any nail varnish. Overall I'm mighty glad we got the chance to try this!

Loving it glossy box!! 


Smell me baby ;)

I was perusing Boots the other day and I went over to check how much my favourite Flake Away by Soap & Glory and I saw this little beauty:

I cannot describe how amazing this smells to me! It is absolutely delish! The Lime in it (in my expert opinion) makes it smell amazing. 

It is £8.00 from Boots 

I really think I will have to go treat myself. Or perhaps due to my broken foot I'll order it online and wait for it to get to me :) It truly smells amazing, possibly better than the other two scrubs... Think I'll need to get it and get back to you on that. 

Stay smelling beautiful! 


Wednesday, 18 January 2012

An officer and a Miranda

I was just watching Miranda season one episode 3 where she has about 3 different jobs in the one day and at the end is Gary in his uniform. For a brief second it flashes to Richard Gere's uniform from An Officer and a Gentleman.

Oh my god I think my heart skipped a beat. I haven't watched that film in so long. But I'll never forget how (annoyingly) much I cried! Or (equally) how hot Richard Gere was in that uniform!

I have to watch this again in the near future, convince myself that men like him really exist, love like this really exists. 

Richard may be old and gray... but I'd have that silver fox anytime!!! 

Broken :(

So I'm all laid up in bed due to this mother F*****;

I was out on Friday the 13th (Unlucky for some :| ) and some bitch in a stiletto broke my fifth metatarsal. Or just broke my foot whichever makes the most sense.


Also WHY ME?!?!

I am so unimpressed, if you can't tell.

However, I am enjoying watching The Fat Fighters and The Biggest Loser, yes crappy TV but I'm broken so I'd argue that it's allowed :)

Also because I just got back to uni I got both my December Glossybox and Carmine box... Still haven't cancelled one... I don't know which is better?!?!

Hope Friday 13th was nicer to you my lovelies :) xxx

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

You can rub this on me any day ;)

and any way ;) oooh errr. Very Naughty.

The relief of passing my exams has made me go mental. I was thinking of going to bed and reading Sherlock Holmes but then I decided I'd very quickly do a post on my favourite Soap and Glory products.

I can honestly say these are the only two body products (besides the usual; E45, shaving foam yada yada) that I would always repurchase and my loving mother kindly bought me a new;

Smells divine! It's amazing and leaves my skin feeling so soft and smelling delicious.

Even opening it in my room to take a photo let out the beautiful scent. I swear if it didn't have a warning on it I would probably eat it :p
It is currently £9.45 at boots . So if you are literally the last person in the whole world to try this then go on, its just been Christmas!

Possibly my favourite, and I'm nearly done so I may have to part with my own cash for a new on is;

Trust me when I say no one wants to see the condition of my Flake Away. It's been "well loved" and I really really do. If it's possible I think it smells even better and makes my legs feel like they've already been moisturised. This product is amazing. 

If you haven't tried either of these then go do it. They are amazing! 

Much love xx

Monday, 9 January 2012

Lovely new Hat ;)

Well, it is Christmas time... sort of. But it's still bloody cold in Scotland. And I do need a hat! That cannot be contested!

However, do I need a hat costing £32 pounds... well no. But It was the last one! I loved it since I saw Fleur ( youtube ) wearing it. I looked for ages, then gave up hope.

Went shopping with the boyfriend back in Edinburgh and Oh My God the last one left!

It's extravagant . It's silly. Awfully expensive for a novelty item. But I just love it. A woman told me today it was lovely so I stand by my "ridiculous" ( as the boyfriend put it) choice.

I'm currently loving on my nails;

I appreciate the picture quality is poor. But the colour on the nails is very true its Elf  - Red Velvet. It's gorgeous it's red but definitely has the right amount of pink in it. It's gorgeous!

I'm planning on showing what I got over the university break, although not in the sales as they were rubbish! Massively excited to get my new camera :)

Love and kisses to you all. Oh look >>>> twitter :O :O :O