Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Nailing it : Barry M : blue moon & mint green

Oh good grief! Right I've been away due to mega exam stress (seriously I've been jittery and practically sick :P ) but that's two out of the way I had one today and one yesterday just Trusts and Succession on Monday. Everybody PANIC.

Ahhh mint green... Quite possibly my favourite colour :) renamed by one of my friend's as minging green.

As per usual for me at the moment I painted my thumb and left ring finger in a different colour (blue moon).

I don't know but I just love this colour!

It's always really shiny when it applies and looks so nice, I don't know if it's because I'm pale but the colour is always quite striking on my hands.

Blue moon is annoying, in one coat you can barely tell it's there but in two its nice :) but I don't think I like this anywhere near as much as mint green.

S'all folks xxx

Monday, 7 May 2012

Benefit Goodies :)

I decided to treat myself to a few discounted benefit goodies. I've been wanting the Dandelion blush for aaaages and decided to increase my small bronzer collection (I have one) by purchasing the Hoola bronzer.

Pretty in their boxes :)

This blush looks so different in the different lights.

This is it more in the shade and it is a really pale but pretty shimmery blush.

It doesn't actually go on with a lot of shimmer but it's soooo pretty :)

The photos I've got of the bronzer actually makes it look pretty pink...

Except this one it looks fairly dark here. It's such a lovely colour :)

This is me trying to get a photo in the light, thankfully there's no shimmer in this (hate shimmery bronzers!)


Friday, 4 May 2012

Nail meeee : Tuscan Sun

I really cannot decide if I like this colour it's just not quite orange or red or brown. Who knows. Although in fairness it looks sort of pink. I don't know.

In the pictures it looks more like an "antique rose" colour.

What I will say is it is very shiny (even before the top coat) and because it's Revlon (good brand :) it's not chipped in three days ( trust me this is a record for me). 

I'm not a massive fan of the colour, oddly enough the boyfriend is. Bizarre. 

Much looooove xx

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Elizabeth Arden : Perfect Red

Ooooooh so exciting. This was £6.40 from cheap smells and it actually the nicest feeling lipstick I've ever worn.

Oh lordy it's so pretty! It's red and scrummy!

In different lights it changes between very red and very pink. It's odd. But I does look stunning.

Cringe at the face photos :p

See what I mean about it looking red and then pink. It's just the light but trust me it's red with a slight pink tint but its stunning. It stays on for hours even through eating and drinking. I love it!

Fare thee well xxx