Monday, 29 October 2012

LUSH party

LUSH BATH wooooohooooo. 

This is the Party Popper :D It smells fantastic! 

And turned the bath an amazing pink colour (don't worry it washed off the sides with ease). 
Those little floating bits are bits of soap inside the bomb that you can use to "wash" with apparently. I don't know about the people who work at lush but there definitely wasn't enough of the soap to adequately wash with. 

However, the wee bits of soap I did get also smelt soooo good. Kind of orangey and just mmmm. 

Literally cannot wait till my next lush bath :) xxx

To Disco... or not to Disco?

I have somewhat of a dilemma.

At first I hated them. Then I watched "You're the one that I want" (ooh ooh oooooh) and saw Sandy wearing those what I have now decided are freaking gorgeous disco pants.

And oh good god I want them! So, here is my problem...

My legs/arse are not that skinny! I'm also on 5'5. However, my wee-ness might not be such a problem considering these are high waisted I might even look taller. 

Will these hide the lumps and bumps? Or will these make said lumps and bumps look like there's some sort of elephant hidden in the pants... Hmmm. 

To Disco or not to Disco? 

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Disappearing Act

Once again I've managed to go for months, weeks,years without posting which is horrendous. I do apologise. I'm currently posting this from my phone from my hangover bed urgh :p

It's essay time in the land of university which also means time for ultimate procrastination woop woop. So many essays, so many words and so little time. And not enough sleep :(

On the other hand I got two new ear piercings the other day :D

It's the two silver ones and aren't they pretty. Getting my cartilage done again was fine but the tragus (?) inny bit was sooo much more painful than I thought it would be :( booo.

Still :) gotta love shoving bits of metal through your ears :p

Farewell girls (and possibly and boys who've stumbled on here by accident) xxx

Friday, 28 September 2012

Nailed: Tea and Crumpets

I've just realised this is slightly amusing as I was eating crumpets and drinking tea at about 3 in the morning the other night :) Ahhh uni life.

So anyway, again I've been away forever I'm sorry but I do love you all dearly and I miss speaking to you so here is some photos of some Essie nail polish :)

I now have two Essie polishes now and I looooove them :)

This is Tea and Crumpets available in the UK from boots yeeeeeeey.

As per its a bit expensive £7.99 and you can buy it here :)

Seriously lads two coats and it stays on for ages and was pretty chip resistant, I was really rather impressed.

S'laters xxx

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Nailed it - High Line Green

Another present (late) i received was this NYC standing for New York Colour nail varnish.

I have never bought this brand before and so have no idea how much it costs. So for me having no idea about price it lasts really really well.

I know the colour will definitely not be to everybody's tastes but trust me my friend knows me well :)

So now to hit Superdrug. Lets find out about the price of High Line Green by NYC.

So it was either £1.79 or £2.49. Absolute bargain lads! If all the polishes last like this one then go get some and add to your collection! :)

Love to you all xxx

Monday, 10 September 2012

Back at Uni

I have moved into my flat, got my parking permit sorted, cleaned and scrubbed and just about had time to breathe in-between. And possibly play some x-box too :)

Got my room sorted. It is the typical student flat everything is somewhat broken/dirty/shit. But its home for the new year so better make it as nice as possible. I like my new bed sheets though, they are ridiculously girly but they brighten the place up :)

When I was staying with my Grandmother she bought me a new purse which I have been needing so whoopdedoo.

I have to say that I wouldn't have bought this. Its a "Claudia Canova"... Do you know this brand? Because I don't. And therefore it was £30. Ouch.

I do like it but not enough to pay £30 for it. But then Granny really really really wanted to buy me something.

This is one of a few presents my friend bought me for my birthday but I received it late. I like late gifts it means random presents at random times :)

Thats all folks :) byeeee xxx

Friday, 31 August 2012


Jenny? Where in the name of arse have you been?!?

Well my friends, I've been lazy, working, lazy, busy and my Grandpa died :(

There are my reasons for just not being here. I've been away so effing long I hardly know what to write about. I could tell you how I've fallen head over heels for my L'oreal gel eye liner. Or how I've also been entranced by George Martins A Song of Ice and Fire, the books are indeed better than the series. Although, who couldn't love this face;

He is one bloody attractive dwarf!

Seriously everybody go watch/read A Game of Thrones!

Here is proof I've still been wearing makeup :P a green eye with the MUA green triplet thingy and some other shades. One was definitely a bright collection 2000 green.  I also have HighBeam (Benefit) at the corners of my eyes.

Forgive the minging nails but I've been wearing Andrew Fullerton's Eliza for the past week or so and whilst I didn't LOVE it when I first recieved it in my glossy box I have to stay it had definitely grown on me. 

This is just proof of my business. This is my ironing pile :| I have to iron all these clothes before Uni and then pack them etc. 

Life is a trial. 

Love to you all xxx

Monday, 2 July 2012

LOTD - Clothes

I'm sure lots of you are avid follower of Louise aka Sprinkle of Glitter  either on blogger or youtube - she is utterly fantastic on both. I decided to jump onboard with her "Love of the Days".

Monday is Clothes!

Whilst on my peruse of topshop I came across this divine article of clothing that I wish could be mine... However I am on a ban it's bank imposed :p they won't let me go over my overdraft.

Here she is...

Jut look at here, the way she waterfalls down. That beautiful colour.

Oh Topshop why must you tempt me so!!!


Sunday, 1 July 2012

Give me money/Buy me stuff?

I am soooo tired of being so skint :'( someone buy me something?

Preferably this;

£42 from Oasis. I saw this in the shop a couple of weeks ago and then I stumbled upon it online. I should point out that looking at clothes online is NOT good when you want to buy stuff but simply cannot afford to.

Also from ASOS;

This is £28 so isn't disastrously expensive but still I feel I should be saving my pennies for the new Uni term and other morning things like that.

Farewell my chums xxx

Twitter - jkc_92
Youtube - (a whole TWO videos) Have a gander. Linky Link.
Instagram - changingtidesofsummer

Saturday, 30 June 2012


Really speedy post because I'm heading out for a meal with the boyfriend :)

Just uploaded my very first outfit of the day it's actually a gym outfit because I was a pilates with a bunch of coffin dodgers :p

Please go check it out and be kind :)

The video is hereeeee

Thank you my lovelies! xxx

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Sod It

Bugger it.

First youtube video... be kind :)


To Youtube?

Or not to Youtube....

That is the question.

I've filmed a review on my Mac pro longwear foundation and I literally am hovering over the publish to youtube button.

Why on earth is this so scary/stressful.

Any of you new you tubers? xxxx

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Highland Show

This post is somewhat delayed as I was at the Highland Show on Sunday and I really have no excuse. I've been feeling awful my throat is agony :( I blame my friend she gave it to me when we went to see Blink 182.

I also am just thinking that if I posted about this last year I may have missed a blog birthday... :O

Not happy. I must correct this.

I have to say the Highland Show has such amazing food and I always feel ill afterwards. The boyfriend and I shared a smoked fish which was amazeballs! I also somehow managed to come away with shitloads of salami which is delicious so I can't complain.

I wish I'd managed to steal one of the puppies that were there. Swear to god jack russell babies are adorable! Speaking of babies I saw a bowl perfect for my own :D

Also saw a duck that looked like Paddy? From Ab Fab. Well I thought it did. (quick google - Patsy!)

Then we saw some cute (rather large) calves.

So it was good. Hope you are all well and the like :) xxx

Friday, 22 June 2012

MAC? Yes Please :)

I was going with a friend to Harvey Nichols the other day because she wanted to get eyeshadows from Mac and possibly a lipstick. I knew this was going to be tough! I didn't need anything but when you are there and there's all the pretty things... drool.

I can't lie I've had my eye on this lipstick for months. It's amazing. I wasn't sure if it would actually suit me though but I tried it on and just fell in love with it.

Hells yes!

 Isn't she beautiful?

It's so dark on. Amazingly stays on for hours! I wore this out one day and I had it on from about 11am and didn't have to reapply it until about 5pm. Which is amazing and it was only because I'd been eating that it had slightly worn off. I was annoyed/peeved about the price but actually when it has such good staying power I think it's justified.

My second and rather more expensive purchase was...

Pro Longwear foundation.

Yes I'm rather pale. I'm not sure about this yet. It definitely lasts a long time that is very much in its favour. I'm not sure but I am determined to like it because it was over £20.

Hope you are all well :) xxx

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Body Pump...?

Well you might call it Body Pump I call it pumping my body into an early grave. Oh good lord it was awful!

Even worse is I was using baby weights. Literally like a kilo each side and I was still dying.

Trust me I did not look as fit as these lads ^

But I am determined to get fit and healthy and that kind of stuff. After I go out tonight and get hammered for my birthday :D

Hope you're all well and fitter than me xxx

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Happy 20th to meeeee

Oh yes, yes that's right yesterday I waved goodbye to my foolish teenage years.

Only kidding I'm still a TWAT. So it's all good. ALSO also also guess what I got...

Que Steve Wonder "Isn't she looooovely, isn't she wooooonderfuuuul, isn't she precious"... I am now like Golum I keep cracking it out and stroking it "oooh my preeecious... you're aaaaall mine now... just you and me". Anyway. So that made me (crazy) happy.

The brother (and his girlfriend - her ideas joint bank account) and they got me booze (excellent choice lads, excellent).

 looks somewhat dead in this photo...

Looooook at the pretty detail at the top! It is soooo pretty.

My Grandmother bought me these dresses when we were out the other week...

Very floral.. Also worried about the whole no straps on the blue dress but it'll be fiiiine. Probably.

BOYFRIEND presents :D

 Bizarre yet pretty pot thing. I stole some flowery things to put in it cause I'm badass.
Literally these earrings are gorgeous, this photo doesn't do it justice! The stones in the black are dull and oh my god I love them! Good man type person!

And I took the liberty of buying myself these few items;

 Both of these were bought as recommendations from Mori or Slightly Scented on youtube.

Insta-dry bought because I've heard soooo much about this apparently it's the good shit.

Right my loves I must stop flooding you with photos. Have a merry day xx

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Asda? Really?

I was in ASDA the other day and noticed they had some really nice clothes for some really affordable prices. I hardly ever look at the clothes in food shops (usually because I don't go to the big massive ones) but I was pleasantly surprised.

It was this beauty that drew me over to the clothes section in the first place.

I really liked the colour of this and thought it was lovely for summer for wearing with jeans or a skirt.

I also found this really pretty skirt.

I just really liked the pattern more than anything else and it's not too short either so if another heat wave hits it can be respectfully worn without tights.

The last thing was this playsuit thing majig bob.

Again it was the pattern that made me want this.

I was really surprised by how many nice things they had. Get to Asda people :) Hope you are all well xxx