Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Happy 20th to meeeee

Oh yes, yes that's right yesterday I waved goodbye to my foolish teenage years.

Only kidding I'm still a TWAT. So it's all good. ALSO also also guess what I got...

Que Steve Wonder "Isn't she looooovely, isn't she wooooonderfuuuul, isn't she precious"... I am now like Golum I keep cracking it out and stroking it "oooh my preeecious... you're aaaaall mine now... just you and me". Anyway. So that made me (crazy) happy.

The brother (and his girlfriend - her ideas joint bank account) and they got me booze (excellent choice lads, excellent).

 looks somewhat dead in this photo...

Looooook at the pretty detail at the top! It is soooo pretty.

My Grandmother bought me these dresses when we were out the other week...

Very floral.. Also worried about the whole no straps on the blue dress but it'll be fiiiine. Probably.

BOYFRIEND presents :D

 Bizarre yet pretty pot thing. I stole some flowery things to put in it cause I'm badass.
Literally these earrings are gorgeous, this photo doesn't do it justice! The stones in the black are dull and oh my god I love them! Good man type person!

And I took the liberty of buying myself these few items;

 Both of these were bought as recommendations from Mori or Slightly Scented on youtube.

Insta-dry bought because I've heard soooo much about this apparently it's the good shit.

Right my loves I must stop flooding you with photos. Have a merry day xx

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