Tuesday, 10 April 2012

One Down

Thankfully one essay is done! 3,000 BOOM finished yesss!

To treat myself I've painted my nails in Rimmel Black Cherries and my toes in MaxFactor Odyssey Blue :)

Unfortunately the nails are still very short from nervously biting them :( sad times. But I may have just placed an order on cheapsmells.com for some new polishes and some "nail doctor" hoping it does some good. 

Oh I also got Instagram, I caved. mostly so I can have nice twitter photos :) when I actually get round to taking photos I put a link but if you want me to follow you leave your username below :) 

Right one last essay to do :) Hope you're all okay :D xxx


  1. I love essie nail polishes. I would love if you checked out my blog and hopefully followed :) xxx

    1. Of course I'll go have a look :) xxx

  2. lovely colour x

    check out my blog xo