Thursday, 5 April 2012

The new trend in nails?

So, recently on youtube and around blogs and stuff I heard/read about Ciate's Caviar Manicures. I saw it and immediately thought it was very cool. Obviously not an everything thing more of a night time party thing.

Then I heard the price... £18 really? For some little glass balls... oooooh wait you're giving me a funnel too, oh and a plastic tray. Nope not worth the price.

Not when you can go on amazon and buy a set of coloured micro-beads like this;

These were £5.99 and considering I didn't know if I was even going to be able to do it let alone like it I felt £6 was enough to be spending.

So firstly I painted my nails in Rimmel Pulsating. I would just add here as a side note that my nails are soooo short right now because I've been madly biting them in a state of anxious terror due to my essay so they are painted shockingly. Which also resulted (I think) in poor bead work :)

I decided (cleverly) to use a colour I wouldn't mind losing/wasting.

It didn't turn out so good.

In fairness to my shoddy work I looked better in real life. It was actually really annoying to have stuff sticking out my nail. Perhaps it's my current anxious mood but I just kept wanting to pick at it.

Love you all xxx


  1. haha you dont like it? i think it looks nice!
    brilliant blog hun! keep up the good work :)
    would you mind checking out mine sometime? i recently changed the name so its still building up those views :) would be an honour! thanks!
    Idiotic Fashion
    xxxxxxxxxxx Lottie

    1. Aww thanks love, of course I'll go check it out :) xx

  2. Thats whats putting me off them, how irritating must it be to have such lumpy nails?? I'd just pick them all off, they'd last a day. I'm not feeling this trend :/

    1. Yeah I just sat watching a tv programme picking at them :s not good xx