Thursday, 19 April 2012

Bits and Bobs :)

Recently I was kindly given a present by a friend (for no special reason, she's just lovely). It was a gorgeous ring...

Another friend described it as a finger hug :P because it's such a big ring. It's gorgeous I love it :)

I bought this beauty off Amazon a while ago and it's been on my iPhone ever since people keep thinking I'm being really lame (they mean really cool) and bringing my gameboy out with me. I love it, it's snazzy :)

Not being feeling the best :( went to see the Hunger Games on Friday (this was before I threw up, yum) I wasn't that impressed (read the book!). The mothership thinks I have a "grumbling" appendix (technical term) lets hope it doesn't explode before exams :p

Oh also Games of Thrones is amazing! Go watch it!

Much Love hope you're all doing better than me xxx