Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Pleasant Weekend

And finally the work is done :) All my essays for this semester/term are done. Thank the Lord :D

Except now I have revision :| But I can just waste some time on Pottermore before we get round to that :)

I was in Annan on Friday and Saturday and on the way back to Stirling we had to get the train to Edinburgh we stopped of in a pub near Haymarket station, discovered the pub had stopped food so wandered upstairs.

Yes the food was lovely (especially the chocolate fudge cake) but more amazing were these epically cool signs...

I sent this to my friend Evan :) 

This had to be sent to the mothership... perfect housewife noooot. 

I wish I could do this but no... Saturday was problematic (my hangovers are just like THE DAY OF HUNGER)

Sent to my friend Eilidh :) 

To the boyfriend :p treat em mean. Maybe this insults me who knows :(

This one had to be send to my Father because he is such an irritating person to go anywhere with because he always stops to read bloody signs! Soooo annoying! 

Anyway I have a few more posts coming up so hold your breath (just kidding, please don't) xxx