Monday, 30 April 2012

Nailing it: Tropical Sun

I've heard soooo much about the Models Own Beetlejuice collection. So I decided to try them out as they were 2 for £8 at boots.

As you may have seen from my boots haul I got the Tropical Sun and Indian Ocean colours.

It's a really pretty peach/orange colour with shimmer through it.

I was a tiny but disappointed with how opaque it was. This was three coats.

It was still a lovely colour and had a beautiful shine to it but for me it wasn't a strong enough colour. I think it might look nice with a colour underneath so I might do that next time I wear it.

It is pretty :) I'm glad I picked this one as it was the standout one of the collection (for me anyway). Pictures of Indian ocean to come :)

Au revoir xxx

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