Thursday, 19 April 2012

Yet more Polish :D

I was recently talking to the boyfriend as I was painting my nails and I just looked at my collection of nail polish and I said "I have problem" to which he replied "I've given up". I think that about sums it up. 

All these were bought on cheap smells. Go go go!

As I have said before (about a thousand time) I bite my nails which I think is probably why my nails are really easily broken and they peel and stuff. Minging. I normally use Sally Hansen but I find it peels off (so addictive!) So I thought I'd try something new, this was £3.49 instead of about £7 I think.

This is Sally Hansen in Wedding Bells and was also £3.49, bit disappointed about how pale it is but I think it's a nice light colour for when I really shouldn't be wearing polish :P

I love the colour of this Rimmel polish in Tuscan Sun and was only £2.99 which is a lot less than it normally is. (I swear cheap smells will be the death of my bank account!)

My very first OPI! Do you lilac it? ;) I forked out £7.50 for this.... but but but. I feel i need an OPI and it's pretty! 

The Orly one (Cabana Boy)... the boyfriend hates! I'm going to post a nail of the day tomorrow, but he says it looks like Barbie puked on my fingers :( £5.45 for some Barbie puke! Yum. 

See you tomorrow for some Barbie Puke  xxx

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