Monday, 29 October 2012

LUSH party

LUSH BATH wooooohooooo. 

This is the Party Popper :D It smells fantastic! 

And turned the bath an amazing pink colour (don't worry it washed off the sides with ease). 
Those little floating bits are bits of soap inside the bomb that you can use to "wash" with apparently. I don't know about the people who work at lush but there definitely wasn't enough of the soap to adequately wash with. 

However, the wee bits of soap I did get also smelt soooo good. Kind of orangey and just mmmm. 

Literally cannot wait till my next lush bath :) xxx

To Disco... or not to Disco?

I have somewhat of a dilemma.

At first I hated them. Then I watched "You're the one that I want" (ooh ooh oooooh) and saw Sandy wearing those what I have now decided are freaking gorgeous disco pants.

And oh good god I want them! So, here is my problem...

My legs/arse are not that skinny! I'm also on 5'5. However, my wee-ness might not be such a problem considering these are high waisted I might even look taller. 

Will these hide the lumps and bumps? Or will these make said lumps and bumps look like there's some sort of elephant hidden in the pants... Hmmm. 

To Disco or not to Disco? 

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Disappearing Act

Once again I've managed to go for months, weeks,years without posting which is horrendous. I do apologise. I'm currently posting this from my phone from my hangover bed urgh :p

It's essay time in the land of university which also means time for ultimate procrastination woop woop. So many essays, so many words and so little time. And not enough sleep :(

On the other hand I got two new ear piercings the other day :D

It's the two silver ones and aren't they pretty. Getting my cartilage done again was fine but the tragus (?) inny bit was sooo much more painful than I thought it would be :( booo.

Still :) gotta love shoving bits of metal through your ears :p

Farewell girls (and possibly and boys who've stumbled on here by accident) xxx