Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Current Favourite: lipstick

This came in my November Carmine box (which must now rest in peace). I only recently got round to using this more often.

I swear this packaging is sooo cool! It has lights and a mirror! (I'm easily amused :P )

I've been kind of obsessed with my Kate Moss lipsticks which is why I haven't review this before but I love it. It's a gorgeous pink colour, not barbie not too bright. Just right :p

This is in the shade Belle.

Depressingly this lipstick is £15. I will never (on a student budget) splurge £15 on a lipstick. However, I am massively glad to have received this because it is sooooo moisturising and lasts forever on the lips!

That's all for my lovelies xxx

P.S I've reach 1000 page views! Excited. It sounds like a lot to me :D


  1. That lipstick looks great, I'm tempted to try the Carmine box :)

    Congrats on the page views :)


    1. Thank you :) Yeah unfortunately I had to stop mine, poor student and all :p xx