Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Last Sunday Night

Was amazing :)

Although I got far too drunk and now have bruises all up my right leg and my arse. It is not pleasant. But my friend had an amazing 20th so that's the main thing.

I haven't been out properly in Glasgow and it was amazeballs!

Drunk as a skunk.

Seriously I have the bruises to show for it :P

On another note, I hope you are all enjoying Valentines Day (my boyfriend has eaten most of the stuff he bought me :| I hate boys).

I'm going to try and do a few more posts to day but I may get distracted and or fall asleep :P Oh I also got tagged again in the 11 questions tag and am swithering about whether to do it again.

S'laters Dolls x x x


  1. I always enjoy bruises that appear after a night out - war wounds! Maybe I'm just a weirdo though! xx

    1. Trust me these are war wounds! I can hardly sit down! xx

  2. Mystery bruises are not cool X

    1. They really aren't, they tell you that you most likely acted like a twat last night :P xx