Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The Versatile Blogger Award!

Hello my lovelies. Tres, tres exciting news, possibly for you but mostly for me, the truly lovely  has seen my (obvious) talent and has awarded me the crown of versatile blogger. I humbly accept this honour and shall pass it onto 15 other deserving winners :) But honestly though, thank you sooo much :)

But first I must bore you with 7 "random" things about myself. Oh what to choose.

1) I have a golden retriever (Evie) she's over there <<< she is my pride and joy, my love, my errr... I don't know but I looooove her.

2) When I was younger I used to swim 6 times a week (including gruelling morning sessions meaning I had to get up at 5.30am YUK)

3) I'm ginger, pasty, freckles, hazel eyes. The whole shebang!

4) Even though I'm only 5'5 (Average size people! I'm not small!) I have an astounding size 8 (yes 8...) feet. My dad jokes that's why I was a good swimmer :| flipper feet. Cruel.

5) I have a really unhealthy obsession with nail varnishes. I just ordered 3 more today :s

6) I'm not a huge fan of trousers... Not that I walk around naked (that often) I just prefer skirts and shorts.

7) (Cheese alert) I've not always felt so great in the past, but I really really love my family, my dog. Most of my friends from school, everyone from uni. Some people really do make the biggest differences to you and they don't even know.


This one was super easy, first one that popped into my head. I could't even pick out a single favourite blog post. She's just fantastic. 

This blog is so adorable! I think she already has about a gazillion subscribers but just incase anyone missed the memo... She's amazing! 

For just generally being stunning, having an amazing fashion sense and being a great blogger!

I totally didn't pick her because she's ginger too...Well that and she rocks an orange skirt! 

I could really just sit and go through her blog for hours! There's always something there that interests me :)

Another girl who posts about nail varnish, I'm obsessed. Sorry. (Her other posts are good too!)

As soon as you post about shoes, put up photos of shoes, make me drool over shoes. I'm yours.
If you don't know her then where the hell have you been?!? Truly amazing blogger and person.
I love her fashion, love her shoes (topshop studded slippers) I love that she too watches Made In Chelsea :p
Because she does rather amazing reviews :)
Another young one shopping on a student budget and buying some rather gorgeous pieces of clothing (and shoes... oh the shoes)
I love this blog, as do about 400 others. Very much a versatile blog everything from bath bombs to bags to cleanser and toner. Love it!
They should make a special award for those brave enough to show their feet on the internet, have this to make up for it :)
Rather beautiful, great fashion sense and you'll not run out of things to look at on her blog.
Another gorgeous beauty and fashion blogger, I wish to steal her benefit samples :)

Well, if you've persevered till the end then I applaud you. Please go and have a look at these guys because all of them are amazing, fabulous, divine and every other (slightly camp) word you can think of to describe greatness.

I think it's fantastic how many of us there are all interested in the same thing, being quite new I feel like this is a lovely community of people. Now I'm going to go be a sap somewhere else :) 


Oh yeah before I forget the rules are;

Thank the person who gave you the award and link his/her blog.
Write 7 random facts about you
Give 15 other bloggers you love the award and tell them why


  1. Ah thanks for the tag! I used to swim all the time, definitely want to start again soon!

  2. whaaat this is crazy! thank you so much! I will write a post to thank you personally! (but first I MUST do work ha)


  3. Oh wow ty for the award, I'm sooooo happy ;) hehe,
    I've brought another 2 nail varnishes haha :)

  4. Thanks for the award! I will give you a little shout out in my next post as I've just done a post with these questions in! xx

  5. Wow thanks for the sweet words <3 I will do this post in my next Award's post .. xxx

  6. Awh thank you so much! Means so much that you like reading my blog:D i love yours too! Will defo do a shoutout to you in my next post m'lovely! xoxox

  7. Aww youre so sweet :) lol I wish I had a gazillion subscribers :P lol thank you xx

  8. Thank you to all you guys for your lovely comments :) You're all amazing! x xx