Friday, 28 September 2012

Nailed: Tea and Crumpets

I've just realised this is slightly amusing as I was eating crumpets and drinking tea at about 3 in the morning the other night :) Ahhh uni life.

So anyway, again I've been away forever I'm sorry but I do love you all dearly and I miss speaking to you so here is some photos of some Essie nail polish :)

I now have two Essie polishes now and I looooove them :)

This is Tea and Crumpets available in the UK from boots yeeeeeeey.

As per its a bit expensive £7.99 and you can buy it here :)

Seriously lads two coats and it stays on for ages and was pretty chip resistant, I was really rather impressed.

S'laters xxx

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Nailed it - High Line Green

Another present (late) i received was this NYC standing for New York Colour nail varnish.

I have never bought this brand before and so have no idea how much it costs. So for me having no idea about price it lasts really really well.

I know the colour will definitely not be to everybody's tastes but trust me my friend knows me well :)

So now to hit Superdrug. Lets find out about the price of High Line Green by NYC.

So it was either £1.79 or £2.49. Absolute bargain lads! If all the polishes last like this one then go get some and add to your collection! :)

Love to you all xxx

Monday, 10 September 2012

Back at Uni

I have moved into my flat, got my parking permit sorted, cleaned and scrubbed and just about had time to breathe in-between. And possibly play some x-box too :)

Got my room sorted. It is the typical student flat everything is somewhat broken/dirty/shit. But its home for the new year so better make it as nice as possible. I like my new bed sheets though, they are ridiculously girly but they brighten the place up :)

When I was staying with my Grandmother she bought me a new purse which I have been needing so whoopdedoo.

I have to say that I wouldn't have bought this. Its a "Claudia Canova"... Do you know this brand? Because I don't. And therefore it was £30. Ouch.

I do like it but not enough to pay £30 for it. But then Granny really really really wanted to buy me something.

This is one of a few presents my friend bought me for my birthday but I received it late. I like late gifts it means random presents at random times :)

Thats all folks :) byeeee xxx