Friday, 28 September 2012

Nailed: Tea and Crumpets

I've just realised this is slightly amusing as I was eating crumpets and drinking tea at about 3 in the morning the other night :) Ahhh uni life.

So anyway, again I've been away forever I'm sorry but I do love you all dearly and I miss speaking to you so here is some photos of some Essie nail polish :)

I now have two Essie polishes now and I looooove them :)

This is Tea and Crumpets available in the UK from boots yeeeeeeey.

As per its a bit expensive £7.99 and you can buy it here :)

Seriously lads two coats and it stays on for ages and was pretty chip resistant, I was really rather impressed.

S'laters xxx


  1. uni life is crazy, I used to find myslef baking pancakes at 2 in the morning and allsorts haha, lovely shade of polish,

    following :)



    1. Haha I know it's crazy :) Thank you xxx