Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Disappearing Act

Once again I've managed to go for months, weeks,years without posting which is horrendous. I do apologise. I'm currently posting this from my phone from my hangover bed urgh :p

It's essay time in the land of university which also means time for ultimate procrastination woop woop. So many essays, so many words and so little time. And not enough sleep :(

On the other hand I got two new ear piercings the other day :D

It's the two silver ones and aren't they pretty. Getting my cartilage done again was fine but the tragus (?) inny bit was sooo much more painful than I thought it would be :( booo.

Still :) gotta love shoving bits of metal through your ears :p

Farewell girls (and possibly and boys who've stumbled on here by accident) xxx

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