Monday, 30 April 2012

New Love: Game of Thrones

I recently started watching the series and OH MY GOD it's amazing!

It's both hilarious and very gory and has the perfect amount of shock, at least for me anyway I keep gasping whenever anything happens :p .

I have also started to read the book I've read about 200 pages and happily the series has kept closely to the book. I like it when series and films don't deviate from the books.

Anyway dudes, go watch/read game of thrones if only for Lord Tyrian's (known as The Imp - because he is a dwarf-) hilarious remarks. 

S'laters xxx

Nailing it: Tropical Sun

I've heard soooo much about the Models Own Beetlejuice collection. So I decided to try them out as they were 2 for £8 at boots.

As you may have seen from my boots haul I got the Tropical Sun and Indian Ocean colours.

It's a really pretty peach/orange colour with shimmer through it.

I was a tiny but disappointed with how opaque it was. This was three coats.

It was still a lovely colour and had a beautiful shine to it but for me it wasn't a strong enough colour. I think it might look nice with a colour underneath so I might do that next time I wear it.

It is pretty :) I'm glad I picked this one as it was the standout one of the collection (for me anyway). Pictures of Indian ocean to come :)

Au revoir xxx

Boots Mini Haul

Just to show my very last nail polishes :'(

I mean it! This is like giving up smoking but worse!

Models Own - Tropical Sun
Models Own - Indian Ocean

I also decided to take the plunge and get the collection 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer. Everyone says it's amazing so why not?

Just a short post today lads :) xxx

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Cheap Smells Haul

The second of my cheap smells shopping, and for just now the last! I am cannot buy anymore stuff! Well I mean technically I can but definitely no more nail polish :P Well, unless it's from an exciting new collection... God I'm awful.

I picked up a couple of things, I was most excited about the lipstick :) Annoyingly my photos of the Sunkissed eyeshadows and the Almay blush would upload properly... Stupid computers.

These are in the colours Coca and Antique Rose. I've tried on the Coca and it's a really nice colour. On the other hand I do not think the pink is "antique" in any way. A little bit disappointed but they were only about £2.

This is in the colour Inca Bronze and is really pretty on. Again it was about £3. I swear I get drawn in by the prices.

Not sure I like the colours that much on this especially number 2.

I've been wanting a white pencil for aaaages so when I came across this one I decided to buy it on a whim.

The box is beautiful.

The packaging is beautiful.
The colour is beautiful.

I have fallen in love with this lipstick! It's really creamy when it's on and it's so pretty. I'm going to do a whole post on it because I've just fallen for it heels over head.

Ta ta my lovers xxx

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The Hunger Games : Take Two


After skating through the first two books (currently half way through the third) I took the plunge and went to see the film. 

At first I really wanted to go see the film. Then I fell totally in love with the book and that made me really not want to go and see the film. I just find when you love a book the film always ruins it. Classic example: Harry Potter. Oh how do I love thee... Awful films. 

Parts of the film were really good and I did enjoy it overall. 

However, I just didn't like it that much. I think if I hadn't read the book I would have liked it more. Also they were trying to keep the rating down (12 or 12A I think) which means it wasn't gory or bloody enough for me. Even if it was a 15 I think it might have been a bit better. 

Perhaps I'm a freak for liking the gore! :) 

The film also seems to settle the whole Peeta/Gale debate but the books in way leave to able to decide. Peeta is not a whimp people! He's lovely. 

It's definitely worth going to see, just don't get your hopes up too high if you've read the book. 

They are all just stunning aren't they? 

Love to you all xxx

Monday, 23 April 2012

Nail varnish Collection

I have a problem! A big problem... I'm an addict...

I had too much fun sorting through my nail varnishes (I LOVE them!)

So lets get this picture show on the road :D

 Starting with the GREENS the beautiful greens :) One of my favourites is this Barry m : Mint Green, then spring green, and racing green which is also lovely. The next is Elf Teal Blue (review). Then the small one at the end is Maxfactor Cactus Green. MUA shade 13, Rimmel Green with Envy (another gorgeous colour!) Nails inc. Neal Street and lastly the gorgeous No7 Totally Teal.

 Onto the BLUES woot woot. Firstly is Barry M Blue Moon, Pure Turquoise, Navy, Rimmel Sky High, Andrew Fullerton Eliza (LOVE), MaxFactor Odyssey Blue (wearing on my toes :P ) MUA shade 1, Nails inc. Kabaret, Leighton Denny Sexy Kitten (not a fan, it was in a beauty box and was not appreciated by me) and lastly N17 magnetised in blue.

 PURPLE :) Barry M, in Berry, Limited Edition, Bright Purple, Purple Crackle, MUA shade 24, n17 in twilight teaser, OPI Do you lilac it? (Beautiful!), Nails inc the mall, Models own mystic mauve (RANCID, I hate this nail varnish!), Revlon Faucets of Fuchsia (LOVE), Bourjois (can't find a colour on this anywhere), MaxFactor Fantasy Fire, Topshop Adornment,

 REDS and PINKS. Firstly Deborah Lipman Razzle Dazzle , MUA shade 14, Elf Red Velvet  , Rimmel Heart on Fire, Rimmel Black Cherries, And I have noooo idea :s Rimmel Pulsating, Orly Cabana boy, Models Own Bubblegum.

 CORALS (it's about here when I realise I have a problem :s ) Barry M Peach Melba, Coral, Tangerine, Rimmel Coral Romance, No7 in a colour that's rubbed off, Sally Hansen Wedding Bells, Revlon Tuscan Sun.

 GOLD and BROWN Barry m Foil Effects, Rococo in Molten Lava, Gosh in Gold, Elf Copper, Elf Smokey brown, Rimmel Beige.
 YELLOWS, Barry M, Lemon, Rimmel Sunshine, Ciaté Big yellow taxi.

 GREY, Rimmel Grey Matter, Barry M Grey, N17 in Moonstruck, Revlon Galaxy.

BLACKS and WHITES Barry m nail effects in white and black, Sally hansen Hard as Nails in Platinum Frost, n17 in mini Skirt, Models Own Black Magic, Rimmel Black Pearl and finally a 2true top coat.

Oh dear lord. Must stop buying nail varnish. If I've got a nail of the day on any of these then they will be linked and if you'd like to see any of these then feel free to ask :) xxx

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Bits and Bobs :)

Recently I was kindly given a present by a friend (for no special reason, she's just lovely). It was a gorgeous ring...

Another friend described it as a finger hug :P because it's such a big ring. It's gorgeous I love it :)

I bought this beauty off Amazon a while ago and it's been on my iPhone ever since people keep thinking I'm being really lame (they mean really cool) and bringing my gameboy out with me. I love it, it's snazzy :)

Not being feeling the best :( went to see the Hunger Games on Friday (this was before I threw up, yum) I wasn't that impressed (read the book!). The mothership thinks I have a "grumbling" appendix (technical term) lets hope it doesn't explode before exams :p

Oh also Games of Thrones is amazing! Go watch it!

Much Love hope you're all doing better than me xxx

Nailed! Cabana Boy

If you read my earlier post you'd have seen I bought the Orly nail polish in Cabana Boy and OPI in Do you lilac it?.

Also known as a nice light purple and whoops Barbie puked on your nails.

I know I shouldn't because I really dislike pink but I just like this colour!

This kind of has an undertone of blue, but it's really nice even though it just shouldn't be.

You just can't fault this varnish :) it's a lovely lilac colour.

They both go on beautifully in two coats and don't chip anywhere near as much as my normal nail varnish which is great.

That's all folks xxx

Yet more Polish :D

I was recently talking to the boyfriend as I was painting my nails and I just looked at my collection of nail polish and I said "I have problem" to which he replied "I've given up". I think that about sums it up. 

All these were bought on cheap smells. Go go go!

As I have said before (about a thousand time) I bite my nails which I think is probably why my nails are really easily broken and they peel and stuff. Minging. I normally use Sally Hansen but I find it peels off (so addictive!) So I thought I'd try something new, this was £3.49 instead of about £7 I think.

This is Sally Hansen in Wedding Bells and was also £3.49, bit disappointed about how pale it is but I think it's a nice light colour for when I really shouldn't be wearing polish :P

I love the colour of this Rimmel polish in Tuscan Sun and was only £2.99 which is a lot less than it normally is. (I swear cheap smells will be the death of my bank account!)

My very first OPI! Do you lilac it? ;) I forked out £7.50 for this.... but but but. I feel i need an OPI and it's pretty! 

The Orly one (Cabana Boy)... the boyfriend hates! I'm going to post a nail of the day tomorrow, but he says it looks like Barbie puked on my fingers :( £5.45 for some Barbie puke! Yum. 

See you tomorrow for some Barbie Puke  xxx

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Pleasant Weekend

And finally the work is done :) All my essays for this semester/term are done. Thank the Lord :D

Except now I have revision :| But I can just waste some time on Pottermore before we get round to that :)

I was in Annan on Friday and Saturday and on the way back to Stirling we had to get the train to Edinburgh we stopped of in a pub near Haymarket station, discovered the pub had stopped food so wandered upstairs.

Yes the food was lovely (especially the chocolate fudge cake) but more amazing were these epically cool signs...

I sent this to my friend Evan :) 

This had to be sent to the mothership... perfect housewife noooot. 

I wish I could do this but no... Saturday was problematic (my hangovers are just like THE DAY OF HUNGER)

Sent to my friend Eilidh :) 

To the boyfriend :p treat em mean. Maybe this insults me who knows :(

This one had to be send to my Father because he is such an irritating person to go anywhere with because he always stops to read bloody signs! Soooo annoying! 

Anyway I have a few more posts coming up so hold your breath (just kidding, please don't) xxx

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

One Down

Thankfully one essay is done! 3,000 BOOM finished yesss!

To treat myself I've painted my nails in Rimmel Black Cherries and my toes in MaxFactor Odyssey Blue :)

Unfortunately the nails are still very short from nervously biting them :( sad times. But I may have just placed an order on for some new polishes and some "nail doctor" hoping it does some good. 

Oh I also got Instagram, I caved. mostly so I can have nice twitter photos :) when I actually get round to taking photos I put a link but if you want me to follow you leave your username below :) 

Right one last essay to do :) Hope you're all okay :D xxx

Friday, 6 April 2012

"I advocate glamour. Every day. Every minute"

Any guesses as to which fabulous star said this. Well she's got a teeny tiny waist and is soooo sexy it hurts.

Yup, Dita Von Teese.

Currently my absolute idol. Apart from the 16 inch waist, I have a girl crush I'm not deluded!

She states about her career as a burlesque dancer that "it's not about seducing men, it's about embracing womanhood". I completely agree. It's not just men that find her fascinating/sexy as hell, but woman watch and long to have her confidence, well I do anyway. Maybe I just wish I could dance like her instead of like an elephant... :(

I have to say when I'm wearing my "nice underwear" I definitely feel better about myself, more sexy anyway. I think Dita has taken this to a whole new level.

I want her... a lot!! Or I want to be her... One of the two will make me very happy.

How about you lot? Do you share my girl crush? xxx

Thursday, 5 April 2012

The new trend in nails?

So, recently on youtube and around blogs and stuff I heard/read about Ciate's Caviar Manicures. I saw it and immediately thought it was very cool. Obviously not an everything thing more of a night time party thing.

Then I heard the price... £18 really? For some little glass balls... oooooh wait you're giving me a funnel too, oh and a plastic tray. Nope not worth the price.

Not when you can go on amazon and buy a set of coloured micro-beads like this;

These were £5.99 and considering I didn't know if I was even going to be able to do it let alone like it I felt £6 was enough to be spending.

So firstly I painted my nails in Rimmel Pulsating. I would just add here as a side note that my nails are soooo short right now because I've been madly biting them in a state of anxious terror due to my essay so they are painted shockingly. Which also resulted (I think) in poor bead work :)

I decided (cleverly) to use a colour I wouldn't mind losing/wasting.

It didn't turn out so good.

In fairness to my shoddy work I looked better in real life. It was actually really annoying to have stuff sticking out my nail. Perhaps it's my current anxious mood but I just kept wanting to pick at it.

Love you all xxx