Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Current Favourite: lipstick

This came in my November Carmine box (which must now rest in peace). I only recently got round to using this more often.

I swear this packaging is sooo cool! It has lights and a mirror! (I'm easily amused :P )

I've been kind of obsessed with my Kate Moss lipsticks which is why I haven't review this before but I love it. It's a gorgeous pink colour, not barbie not too bright. Just right :p

This is in the shade Belle.

Depressingly this lipstick is £15. I will never (on a student budget) splurge £15 on a lipstick. However, I am massively glad to have received this because it is sooooo moisturising and lasts forever on the lips!

That's all for my lovelies xxx

P.S I've reach 1000 page views! Excited. It sounds like a lot to me :D

Monday, 27 February 2012

Favourite Perfume

I tend to go through stages of having favourite perfumes. For years it was Calvin Klein's Euphoria;

Then it was CK into you, for a brief time. Then I became totally obsessed with 212 VIP by Carolina Herrera. 

It is also (just in case you're interested the most difficult thing to photograph).

So supposedly the top notes are; Bergamot (?) and bitter orange. 
Heart notes: Jasmine Sambac, Tuberose.
Base Notes: Vanilla, Musk, Sandalwood.

Basically it's just really sweet and smells of vanilla and it's simply gorgeous to me! 

What's your favourite perfume right now? 

Love ya'll xx

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Ripped Apart

Page by page...

Ooooh harsh. Well maybe I'll not "rip" it apart.

A Kiss at Midnight by Eloisa James.

Basically it's a retelling of Cinderella, with some changes here and there. I had heard it was a really good book so bought the three; this one, Beauty who Tamed the Beast and The Duke is Mine.

After reading this I wouldn't have purchased the others but I'm actually not annoyed that I did, I will read them quickly and speedily, chuckle at the ridiculous phrases and ludicrous love stories.

I kept quoting bits to "the boyfriend" who said it was ridiculous. Personally I think he is just jealous that I don't think he tastes like "dark honey"or "fire". My knees don't tremble every time his lips "gently brush mine".

Oh dear... maybe it's not earth shattering true love! Boohoohoo. Still searching for the the "real thing", or is this book like many other romances utter ridiculous in its phrases :P

Probably an alright holiday read, nothing substantial.

Love to you all xxx

Monday, 20 February 2012

Review: Thick and Fast s&g

As I'm sure many of you are aware that in Elle Soap and Glory were "giving" away their Thick and Fast mascara which normally sells for £10. I thought I'd wait for a bit and do a proper review.

 However, I'm still quite undecided.

As you can (kind of) see the brush is really big. This isn't necessarily a bad thing.

I'm a wearer of two different types of mascara so when people complain about not getting into the corners I don't tend to find this a problem.

My real problem with this is you always have to have time to apply this. I had to quickly apply this before a lecture and it was a massive fail!

Clumpy! Gloopy!

This is a serious take your time over it mascara. If you do take your time it is actually really nice.

BUT worth £10 when there are others out there for less... no. I will not be buying this.

Take care my friends xxx

Friday, 17 February 2012

Nailing It!

I decided to try out some of my new MUA polishes.

Shade 14 and 13;

I'm actually really happy with how this green turned out. I have a couple greens; the mint from Barry M and I think Spring Green and Racing Green... I think those are right (feel free to correct me). But I really like the shimmer on this.

I've felt a bit bored with my nails so I decided to paint my ring finger in the red-pink colour I bought which also turned out to be a really nice colour.

For only £1 I have to say these are really good. The bottles aren't as big as the Elf bottles and they are quite small but for £1 I don't think you can complain.

Whilst it does so embarrass me to show the photos ( I take solace in the fact that not toooo many people will be reading this) I did attempt what one may (when push comes to shove) call nail art;

Errr so yes.

This totally isn't the messiest "nail art" (cough).

That's all folks xxx

Thursday, 16 February 2012

The Last Bath

A longful (and lustful)  post today, I never got round to posting this while I was still at home. For part of my christmas present my boyfriend got me two lush bath bombs; the lavender... one :p and the Vanilla Fountain; 

Both of these are part of Lush’s permanent line of products. Due to still being doomed to halls we are devoid of the luxury a bath so I never treat myself to Lush stuff. But trust me as soon as I have a bath I will be swimming (haha) in bath bombs! 
I literally had to take a photo quick as a wink once I’d put the bomb in water as it immediately fizzed up;

It smelt amazing. I love the smell of vanilla. I could literally smell it through the bag. Mmmmmm. 

I would say (again - post) that this is somewhat pee water-ish however, due to the smell (vanilla!) and how... smooth, soft? the water felt, the colour in no way bothered way. 

That's all folks. 

OH except for go over to "buyapowa" or some similar mabob and buy a YSL Touche Eclat Radiant Touch in No1 (the normal highlight) it's currently at £18.50. You have 2 hours people! Link here

Have a good Eve xxx

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Last Sunday Night

Was amazing :)

Although I got far too drunk and now have bruises all up my right leg and my arse. It is not pleasant. But my friend had an amazing 20th so that's the main thing.

I haven't been out properly in Glasgow and it was amazeballs!

Drunk as a skunk.

Seriously I have the bruises to show for it :P

On another note, I hope you are all enjoying Valentines Day (my boyfriend has eaten most of the stuff he bought me :| I hate boys).

I'm going to try and do a few more posts to day but I may get distracted and or fall asleep :P Oh I also got tagged again in the 11 questions tag and am swithering about whether to do it again.

S'laters Dolls x x x

Sunday, 12 February 2012

MUA Haul

Seriously, this is my last haul. No more online orders and I'm pretty sure I won't be near any shops anytime soon.

I will apologise in advance for the slightly (very) shoddy camera work, my only excuse is that in Scotland we don't get real sunlight.

This is a photo of the complete works :)

So I finally caved and bought the 'Heaven and Earth' Palette and am wearing it today. I won't bog down this post with swatches as the blogosphere is littered with them :P

I am looooving the colours in the bottom left and top right. I've been so tempted to buy the Naked Palette but I think considering how many browns I have in general it would be a waste of money.

I also (having heard many good things) bought the Immaculate Palette, £8 for 24 colours. Good price indeedy.

I'm subscribed to the MUA blog (click here) and they often use this eyeliner for nail designs. I think it was £1 so hopefully it'll work if not then it was a huge amount to have wasted. 

And lastly, I couldn't resist buying some varnishes. I think I may need some sort of counselling to help me through this addiction.

So that is my haul, last one for a while (or at least till I go back to Uni) :P

Have a good day my chums x x x

P.S Wrote this a few days ago I am now back in the Shire :D but am shooting off to Glasgow to celebrate my friends 20th massively excited! Hopefully tomorrow when I'm hungover and dying I'll get some blog posts written :) Take care xxx

Saturday, 11 February 2012

11 Questions

It has taken me a while to get round to doing this tag but here I go. 

I was tagged by the lovely Hannah over at Fresh Look Beauty she is completely amazing and I love her blog! :) 

Rules for this tag: - You must post these rules.
- Each person must post 11 things about themselves on their blog.
- Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
- You have to choose 11 people to tag and link them on the post.
- Go to their page and tell them you have linked him or her.
- No tag backs.
- No stuff in the tagging section about 'you are tagged if you are reading this'. You legitimately have to tag 11 people

11 Things About Me

1) I always wanted to be a "writer" until I had a complete nobend of an English teacher in my second last year of high school and I changed to philosophy (and am now doing Law... no idea)
2) Even though I'm only 5'5 (average height!) I have a huuuuuge size 8 feet. Everyone else in my family has small feet. I'm a freak.
3) My cars nickname is Bambi and when she is attempting to drive up a hill I can be heard shouting "come on Bamster".
4) I used to play the flute for years, I was even forced to join the flue ensemble (to the gay ensemble as I amusingly called it).
5) I don't like cats... You never see an evil person in a film with a puppy on their knee.
6) Even though I used to swim a million times a week tennis was always my favourite sport, both to play and watch.
7) Although (embarrassingly) I also quite like fencing :p
8) When I was at school I never ever wanted to be cool. I wanted to have good friends who weren't bitches.
9) I love baking.
10) I want a cocker spaniel :( my doggy is all lonely I can tell. An only dog is a lonely dog.
11) I'm a caffeine addict. Tea, coffee, pills. You got it, I'll take it.


Hannah's Questions

1.       Describe yourself in 3 words?
- chatterbox, friendly, open-minded (for the record I HATE this question :P) 
2.       What are your thoughts on BB Cremes?
- I actually haven't used any, although I am very interested in trying one but haven't picked which brand to go for. 
3.       Do you prefer organic or high-tech beauty products?
- Hmmm difficult one, can I choose a bit of both? 
4.       When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?
- Oops I accidentally answered up there^ I always wanted to be a "writer", I wanted to write books. I always loved reading and it was my dream to see my name on a book on a bookshelf. 
5.       What do you want to be now – or are you already there?
- Currently studying Law, so maybe a lawyer? Who knows... 
6.       What is your favourite time of year and why?
- I don't really have one, I think winter is nice if we get snow but this year it's just been cold. I think I'll settle on summer as being Scottish the summer is pretty poor effort (but it tries). 
7.       What is the one food you couldn’t live without?
- Chicken. I'm pretty much a veggie, I don't like red meat and I can stop eating all other meats but whenever I've stopped completely and been a veggie the one thing that's always brought me back is chicken. 
8.       What are you most looking forward to in 2012?
- The summer, it's my 20th and my boyfriend's 21st, second year will be over and it'll be nice and relaxing :) 
9.       Are you a cosmopolitan girl or a country bumpkin at heart?
- Again can I say both? I love being in the city, being near shops (and transport) but the country is amazing too. The country tends to fill me with romanic idealism (very Beatrix Potter) it makes me think of long walks and rabbits hopping about. 
10.   What are your Valentine’s Day plans?
- God only knows. 
11.   Do you prefer theatre or cinema?
- I love the theatre but I rarely get to go, whereas I often frequent the cinema. 

Phew. DONE. Mammoth task. Now I just need to tag 11 people and think of 11 questions. 

11 People

1) Tash from:  A nice cuppa tea
2) Amelia's Allsorts 
3) Kellie from: Beauty ever After 
4) Champagne Diamond 
5) Char from: Its Charr
6) Izy from: Hearts and Bows
7) Lauren from: Lau's Loft
8) A Little Dash of Spice
9) Jessica from : Little glass Hearts 
10) Fiona from: The Beauty Fiend
11) Hayley from: Water Painted Dreams


11 Questions

1) Who are your three role models (fashion icons, beauty, parents?)
2) What was your favourite part of 2011?
3) Can you do anything strange with your body? (e.g splits :p )
4) What's your favourite nail varnish?
5) What was the last full book you read?
6) Mac products... are you a lover, a hater or indifferent?
7) Describe Prince Charming... Tall dark and handsome or blonde and Daniel Craig shaped? (Or curvy with a nice set of DD's we aren't discriminative here :)
8) Shoes or bags?
9) If you could only shop at one shop for the rest of your life/foreseeable future where would it be?
10) Cats or dogs?
11) What makes you happy?

Oh dear sweet baby Jesus. I'm not even joking that took me days. To the poor innocents I tagged if you manage to do this then good luck.

Oh also, I know this is EXPRESSLY forbidden in the "rules" but rules are sooo made to be broken, if you feel like answering any of my 11 questions please do so in the comments :) I'd love to hear your answers :D

Love you all xxx

Thursday, 9 February 2012


Oh how I wish I had a money tree.

That or if someone reading this fancies giving me £225?

MMMMMMMM. Nom nom nom. I think it's the heel that's got me hooked.

Just found these on a casual peruse of the Emporio Armani website. DROOL. Please someone buy me them. Or equally someone introduce me to a lovely rich man who has a thing for gingers ;) 

Ta ta my lovelies xxx

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Essentials shopping...

And an extra or two :)

I'm off to a friend's 20th on Sunday (sooo excited, apart from the brief panic of having to dress up as farm Don't worry it's been sorted aka not happening) and my current pumps (or flats depending on which country you are hailing from) are probably about a 500 meter walk from the soles falling off.

Side notes, does anyone resent how little wear you get out of £30 pumps/flats compared to say converses which are about £40 or even bigger boots which are maybe more like £60 but last years? Maybe it's my student tight-pocketness but this annoys me.

So, anyway... I bought these.

These were £25 from Next which I have to say I was surprised about. I saw a pair of kind of plastic-y looking pumps that were £30 so I expected these to be more.

MASSIVE feet. Why God cursed me with skis for feet is as yet unknown.

These are the tassel bits at the front. I actually really like them although they are completely different from what I'd normally buy when looking for flat shoes.

Another (boring) necessity was some deodorant (I decided not to bore you with photos) and instead took photos of;

Finally got my hands on Sugar Crush by Soap and Glory BUT I have banned myself from touching (except the odd sniff) it until my flake away is finished. Boots currently have a three for two and so I got my friend's Birthday presents and a cheeky treat for myself.

Two treats;

This one didn't want to photograph well. The Palmers Cocoa Butter Lip Balm. I might do a review of this soon because so far I'm loving it! Smells delicious too ;)

That's all for now my dears xxx

Monday, 6 February 2012

Best hand cream in the world!

I hate hand cream.

I hate it because it's greasy, or oily. Yuk. Then you feel like you can't touch anything or it will get greasy, that or your hands will slide off it. (Perhaps I have a weird phobia of hand cream... to be discussed at a later date).

Then why are you doing a post on hand cream? I hear you cry. Because I've found one hand cream that I love.

I first bought it for my Dad because he too has dry hands. I then bought it for my boyfriend (he'd been doing work on a farm during the summer hehe farmer boy... cute :P ) I had actually originally been told by the body shop sales assistant that this hand cream was made for men, or with men in mind. Mostly scent free, no oil.

I love this and am currently using this on my elbows :p yummy. They suddenly got dry...

It's not greasy in the slightest. If you use a small amount you can hardly tell it's there but in even a few days (if your hands are really bad) you'll be able to tell the difference. This stuff is amazing!

This was my poor efforts at trying to show the consistency. It's quite thick and this green one doesn't have a particularly strong smell but I believe at the Body Shop you can purchase a Rose scented one.

Farewell my friends :) xxx

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Domestic Goddess strikes again!

I woke up on Friday with a bizarre urge to bake. I do like baking but some of our cook books have the strangest recipes (honestly I swear they make up ingredients!)

But in the Hummingbird Bakery Cake Days I found the recipe for these babies;

Nom nom nom. Mocha cupcake. Scrummy!!

Then on Saturday the boyfriend came over (perhaps this is where the urge to bake came from) for a meal so the domesticity carried forth;

Just a massive pot of squishy tomatoes you say? No no no.

This is Tomato and Mint soup and by the way is utterly divine!

It was a rather good weekend, nice and relaxing. For him, anyway. I cooked everything, being a woman sucks. He also says I'm completely banned from speaking about sex on here, I don't think he realises this makes me want to speak (type) about it more. Silly boy. My blog. My choice.

So all I'll say is it was a very enjoyable weekend.

Talk later my friends, I have soup to drink and cupcakes to scoff xxx

Fizzing Bath Bomb

I was rooting around through my boxes of bath stuff and things like that and came across this old thing;

This must have been a present yeeeears ago. But anyway I was going for a bath and it said it smelt like cherry (yum) so why not. Cute cup-cake packaging ;)

 It kinda fizzed...

Then turned my bath into pee water...

It wasn't so good. Smelt okay, sort of fizzed, pee water. Meh.

See y'all xxx

Friday, 3 February 2012

Nailing it : Smokey Brown + Molten Lava

I recently got a few new Elf brushes and couldn't resist getting a new nail varnish. I have a serious problem, I'm admitting I need help.

This is number 12 "smokey brown" by Elf which you can buy here. I don't normally like browns but I thought I'd give it a try and I actually really liked this colour, it was really shiny. In two coats it gives you the finish you can see above.

The tips started to chip after about two days and I was going to take it off but then I decided to paint the tips. My brother's girlfriend gave me this for christmas;

 I don't know the brand 'Rococo'... Perhaps worth a google.

I very rarely do "extra" things to my nails but I really like this, and had the extra bonus of meaning I didn't have to take my nail varnish off :)

Talk later chumettes. xxx

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Google Friend connect?

I'll admit I'm confused... If you wish to shed light then comment away.

But anyhoo it's down there somewhere :P

Love to you all xxx

Hold me back from the shops ladies!

The day after I was at River Island I went to one of the big shopping centres in Edinburgh solely for the purpose of trying on Uggs in schuh. We (mother and I) figure once the foot has healed they will be comfiest.

However, in the end I got boots that I guess look a bit like Uggs but are called "Fit Flops". They are honestly so strange because they have a slightly curved sole, kind of like my moot boot. Very comfy though! Fraction of the price too :)

I also somehow managed to pick up a top from Warehouse which I think was £25;

I wasn't even particularly looking for anything but I just saw this and it really stood out because of the lace at the top. 

And the tassel bits at the bottom are rather cute. It's really pretty on, I was worried the material was going to be clingy but it's not and it hangs really well.

I also got a jumper. This is my new favourite piece of clothing. It's from Joy and was £35 if I hadn't fallen hook, line and sinker for it I wouldn't have got it. But it's soooo pretty.

I love the colour! And it's really warm :) It's beautiful.

Bye my lovlies x x x