Sunday, 5 February 2012

Domestic Goddess strikes again!

I woke up on Friday with a bizarre urge to bake. I do like baking but some of our cook books have the strangest recipes (honestly I swear they make up ingredients!)

But in the Hummingbird Bakery Cake Days I found the recipe for these babies;

Nom nom nom. Mocha cupcake. Scrummy!!

Then on Saturday the boyfriend came over (perhaps this is where the urge to bake came from) for a meal so the domesticity carried forth;

Just a massive pot of squishy tomatoes you say? No no no.

This is Tomato and Mint soup and by the way is utterly divine!

It was a rather good weekend, nice and relaxing. For him, anyway. I cooked everything, being a woman sucks. He also says I'm completely banned from speaking about sex on here, I don't think he realises this makes me want to speak (type) about it more. Silly boy. My blog. My choice.

So all I'll say is it was a very enjoyable weekend.

Talk later my friends, I have soup to drink and cupcakes to scoff xxx