Thursday, 1 March 2012

Nailing it!

After the last (epic) fail at what I (laughingly) called nail art, I was still finding block nail colours a bit dull. So I decided to try something else. This time easier.

Firstly, I just painted on MUA in shade 24;

I wasn't actually expecting to like this colour much but actually I really like the way it went on, it's definitely purple but it's got pink in it that's not tooooo pink.

I then took Nails Inc. The Mall and using a cocktail stick did some polka-dots :)

I actually really liked this one :) kept it on for ages (very unlike me - nail biter) but I think it was the colours, I just liked how they went together.

That's all for now my chums xx


  1. Ooo love this!! :) Great job girl! xxx

  2. So pretty! Love that purple color!