Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Boots Haul

This is a mixture of both stuff I bought online and in store.

So firstly was the Bourjois bronzer,

I was rather worried about heading into the world of bronzer because I'm very pale but actually a little goes a long way and I'm quite liking it :) I'm thinking this was £6.99 or there abouts.

I bough three blushers (mental I know) the first one I've only used once and I am worried about using again it went on soooo strong I had to take it off, it wasn't doll-like it was "hello my cheeks fell in a pot of strange coloured paint". This is in 02 Bashful by Collection 2000 and was £2.99.

This is Peach Melba by Natural Collection and was £1.99 and I've heard a few people saying this is really nice so I thought £1.99 why not? It is really nice and natural.

Also from Collection 2000 is something I've wanted to try for ages but some of the brighter colours put me off is the Shimmer Shades in 2. Blushalicious this was £4.19. Once all the colours all mixed together it's a nice shimmery (not too shimmery) pink and it looks very pretty. I'm glad I finally purchased this.

See these two buggers of lippys. They did not want to photograph. At all.

Both by Collection 2000 £2.99 each. On the left is 8 Sweet Tart and on the right is 14 Mango Tango.

Sweet Tart about and Mango Tango below.

For me sweet tart is a little bit pink so I tend to just dab it on as a sort of gloss but I love the orangey mango tango. It's a beautiful colour and I'm so surprised how long these lipsticks last considering how inexpesive they are. The colour last longer than the kate moss lipsticks.

Phew. No more photos my dears xxx


  1. peach melba looks really pretty <3

  2. The Collection 2000 blush looks really pretty :) x

  3. I have to try peach melba :)


  4. Its great to hear your back at the gym after a broken foot.. but what happend :( ?

    Take Care xx