Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Trinkets of Pleasure

ooh err.

Right calm down.

I was getting ready for uni the other the day and realised that on a day to day basis I really only wear a few pieces of my jewellery. I'd quite like to get more (less boring).

So over the Christmas holiday me and the mother fished out one of my favourite rings that had fallen behind a set of drawers :| irritating to high F. So I didn't get a great picture (apologies) but here it is;

I don't think it got bent behind the drawers... Who knows.

Also a gift by the mother bought on a whim as she thought I might like it was this necklace;

Possibly not everyone's taste but I love how big and chunky it is. I like it :)

At our Uni they have a sort of mini market in the atrium every thursday and there was a jewellery stall that sold very bizarre stuff but I also caught sight of this cutie;

It's nice just for when I want to pin back my side-fringe, get my hair out my face.

I got this beauty on Holiday years ago! Loved it ever since. It's had about a million different chains. It's really heavy as well. Urgh it's just beautiful!

Lastly a Christmas present it's taken me aaaages to get round to wearing. Now I've started I always reach for it. I think it's the rose gold I'm currently in love (dying for a Michael Korrs!)

That's all for now my loves xx

P.S I will get my Hauls done but but but I have essays and blood tests and canceled flat viewings to contend with :( xx


  1. those are some pretty trinkets x

  2. What pretty pecies of jewelry!

  3. Cute pieces! :)
    I've tagged you in a tag :D

    1. Cheers my dear :) Oh dear another one I shall head over and take a look at the questions and attempt to get round to it :)