Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Nailing it... Cracked.

Super speedy post today as I just got in from doing a "moot" (where you do a pretend court situation i.e stand around in formal clothes looking like an arse) and so am shattered. Have been working on this stupid thing for a straight week non-stop.

And the fire alarm went off at half 7 this morning. We were told those of us not out in the first 3 minutes would be TOAST! Cheery wake up call :)

Anyway I painted my bottom coat with Number 17's Mini Skirt which is just plain white and then used a Barry M crackle which I'm positive did have a name in the shop but somehow no longer has a name... just a number. Bizarre. All I know is it's purple and it cracks :)

I had this on for quite a few days which for me is very good going!

Ta ta my friends, have a good sleep and may fire alarms not annoy you :) xxx

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