Friday, 16 March 2012

Vintage Fair and Nights Out

One has decided that instead of writing up notes in the library like a good student I am going to write a blog post like a bad student... Who cares about a 3000 word essay.. hehe :| :|

So firstly can I just give a warning to those too young to drink. Don't start you'll end up like this...

However, I believe this is a suitable warning to all those who drink currently. These are not my glasses...

So on Tuesday... I think. Our uni had a vintage fair in the atrium which I'm afraid to say I assumed would be bollocks. However, my friends it was not and I spend too much money but came away with some lovely things :)

Firstly was this long necklace:

I have always had a thing for necklaces that have that weird face thing on them... should probably learn what that is but :P AND the best thing about this is it opens and is a working clock!!! Not only will I never be late ( LOL jokes) but I'll know how long of lectures/seminars I have left :)

One of the stalls were selling old records that had been moulded and formed into new things. Some were cake stands or jewellery stands or just like this...

I'm thinking I'll just keep rings or something in it :)

I finally found a nice wee purse! Big enough for some cash and my ID and a bank card. It's so cute as well. I've been needing a small purse because my normal purse is actually mahoosive!

Second thing from the same stall was for my uni keys. Just never got round to buying a keyring till now.

However, somewhat worried it'll get mucky in my bag...

So I'd decided that was it... Until I saw...........


This is most definitely not to everyone's taste but I think it's beauuuuutiful :) I love it.

Right sorry for being so picture heavy lads s'laters xxx


  1. Lovely purchases:) love vintage

    1. Thanks after this fair i love it too :) xxx

  2. Ahh I love your drunken photo!! Thats what I'm like when I've had a drink :) xxx

    1. I'm such a state when i'm drunk :P xxx

  3. ohh it looks like you got some great stuff, i love going to things like this, although i dont get to very much :( but i really love that record jewelry thing, such a cool idea!!! i have some old records, id love to do something like that with them, so neat!! :) and i agree, the ring is gorgeous!

    1. aww thank you :) I think it's lovely :) xxx