Sunday, 22 January 2012

Fire, a cuppa, and an amazing book

Now what is more relaxing than;

A fire?


A cup of tea?

Well, I'll tell you, my chums. It would be both of these things AND as the title would suggest a truly marvellous book;

I have loved lots of the Sherlock films since I was little, I think my Dad used to make me watch them. Now as a sort of adult type teenager thing I still love the film and more so the TV version with the gorgeous Benedict Cumberbatch (tempted to throw in a picture there... might cause weak knees all round though). 

In my opinion, The Sign of the Four was no where near as good, the beginning was a hooker, Sherlock's ability to tell remarkably personal facts about Watson's brother by a watch is "elementary"... or just fantastic. But for the rest of the story... meh. 

However, A Study in Scarlet was amazing. Without giving too much away, the book goes off on a tangent and I was annoyed but then that realisation when everything makes sense. Pure elation. 

The best bit about the Collector's Library;

Oh yes, you don't get gilt edges in a kindle (cough DEVIL CHILD cough). You know you're a book fanatic when the sight on this sets your pulse racing... that or you really need to get out more. 

Goodbye my chums. xx

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