Friday, 27 January 2012

NAIL me baby ;) twice.

I've wanted this colour for ages. I love greens and dark greens. Gorgeous, this was only £2 because I had a £5 off No7 voucher (bargain!).

Totally Teal. Totally gorgeous... (see what I did there ;) I really need to hobble out more).

It's gorgeous in two coats. I think it's lovely definitely one of my new favourites and I'm so glad I finally managed to buy it (much to the boyfriends anger at yet another nail polish, he just doesn't understand).

Mmmm. Yummy. However, I also decided to put my other new polish on over the top. (At this point be wary of a lot of photos) This is why you'd be nailing me twice ;) teehee. Yes I'm a fourteen year old boy.

I saw Revlon Galaxy on Amazon for a lot less than it normally is in Boots and as I loved 'Faucets of Fuchsia' so much I thought "well, why not".

And actually because I'm a bit of a tool I didn't see that it was a top coat and ended up just wearing glitter for a few days... oh to be 5 years old again. 

But this is them together;

I have to say I do rather like it. The photo isn't amazingly clear (apologies) but it just adds a little extra oomph to the polish. 

Have a nice day my chumlets. xxx

P.S on a more topical note did anyone see the tennis today? More importantly Nadal and Djokovic topless... mmmmm. Worth stumbling out of bed for I'd say. 


  1. Thanks for following my blog - you're number 100! Pop back over to enter my giveaway (you can find it on the sidebar and menu tab).

    Pleasure to follow back - your post about the Carmine vs Glossybox is ideal for me as I'm still undecided! Have ordered a half price Glossybox to compare... My poor bank account...

    Loving the nails! Mmm glitter.

    1. I definitely will :) I noticed I was number number 100! I am also undecided and have once again got two boxes coming to me this month, not good my student budget can't deal with this pain.

  2. loooove the colour!!
    laur x

  3. I have the No7 Teal polish and never thought of putting glitter on it. Now I've seen it, seems so obvious! Looks great. Oh and Djokovic with his top off - sigh.

    1. It's a lovely colour, just nice to put a bit of sparkle over the top :) I know, to be honest any tennis player with their top of is a plus in my book :P