Wednesday, 18 January 2012

An officer and a Miranda

I was just watching Miranda season one episode 3 where she has about 3 different jobs in the one day and at the end is Gary in his uniform. For a brief second it flashes to Richard Gere's uniform from An Officer and a Gentleman.

Oh my god I think my heart skipped a beat. I haven't watched that film in so long. But I'll never forget how (annoyingly) much I cried! Or (equally) how hot Richard Gere was in that uniform!

I have to watch this again in the near future, convince myself that men like him really exist, love like this really exists. 

Richard may be old and gray... but I'd have that silver fox anytime!!! 


  1. I love this film SO much! Gere is such a BABE in his uniform! Thanks for the follow lovely :) xxx

    1. He is actually delicious! I swear when he walks in the factory/warehouse at the end I could eat him :P ... totally normal... honest.

      No problem :) xxx