Tuesday, 10 January 2012

You can rub this on me any day ;)

and any way ;) oooh errr. Very Naughty.

The relief of passing my exams has made me go mental. I was thinking of going to bed and reading Sherlock Holmes but then I decided I'd very quickly do a post on my favourite Soap and Glory products.

I can honestly say these are the only two body products (besides the usual; E45, shaving foam yada yada) that I would always repurchase and my loving mother kindly bought me a new;

Smells divine! It's amazing and leaves my skin feeling so soft and smelling delicious.

Even opening it in my room to take a photo let out the beautiful scent. I swear if it didn't have a warning on it I would probably eat it :p
It is currently £9.45 at boots . So if you are literally the last person in the whole world to try this then go on, its just been Christmas!

Possibly my favourite, and I'm nearly done so I may have to part with my own cash for a new on is;

Trust me when I say no one wants to see the condition of my Flake Away. It's been "well loved" and I really really do. If it's possible I think it smells even better and makes my legs feel like they've already been moisturised. This product is amazing. 

If you haven't tried either of these then go do it. They are amazing! 

Much love xx

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