Monday, 9 January 2012

Lovely new Hat ;)

Well, it is Christmas time... sort of. But it's still bloody cold in Scotland. And I do need a hat! That cannot be contested!

However, do I need a hat costing £32 pounds... well no. But It was the last one! I loved it since I saw Fleur ( youtube ) wearing it. I looked for ages, then gave up hope.

Went shopping with the boyfriend back in Edinburgh and Oh My God the last one left!

It's extravagant . It's silly. Awfully expensive for a novelty item. But I just love it. A woman told me today it was lovely so I stand by my "ridiculous" ( as the boyfriend put it) choice.

I'm currently loving on my nails;

I appreciate the picture quality is poor. But the colour on the nails is very true its Elf  - Red Velvet. It's gorgeous it's red but definitely has the right amount of pink in it. It's gorgeous!

I'm planning on showing what I got over the university break, although not in the sales as they were rubbish! Massively excited to get my new camera :)

Love and kisses to you all. Oh look >>>> twitter :O :O :O


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