Thursday, 19 January 2012

Smell me baby ;)

I was perusing Boots the other day and I went over to check how much my favourite Flake Away by Soap & Glory and I saw this little beauty:

I cannot describe how amazing this smells to me! It is absolutely delish! The Lime in it (in my expert opinion) makes it smell amazing. 

It is £8.00 from Boots 

I really think I will have to go treat myself. Or perhaps due to my broken foot I'll order it online and wait for it to get to me :) It truly smells amazing, possibly better than the other two scrubs... Think I'll need to get it and get back to you on that. 

Stay smelling beautiful! 



  1. I love Soap & Glory Scrubs!! Have a bit of a obsession with them at the moment they all smell so good!! xx

  2. Me too! They're amazing I love that they last so long as well and you can smell them on your skin after your shower! :) xx