Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Broken :(

So I'm all laid up in bed due to this mother F*****;

I was out on Friday the 13th (Unlucky for some :| ) and some bitch in a stiletto broke my fifth metatarsal. Or just broke my foot whichever makes the most sense.


Also WHY ME?!?!

I am so unimpressed, if you can't tell.

However, I am enjoying watching The Fat Fighters and The Biggest Loser, yes crappy TV but I'm broken so I'd argue that it's allowed :)

Also because I just got back to uni I got both my December Glossybox and Carmine box... Still haven't cancelled one... I don't know which is better?!?!

Hope Friday 13th was nicer to you my lovelies :) xxx

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