Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Highland Show

This post is somewhat delayed as I was at the Highland Show on Sunday and I really have no excuse. I've been feeling awful my throat is agony :( I blame my friend she gave it to me when we went to see Blink 182.

I also am just thinking that if I posted about this last year I may have missed a blog birthday... :O

Not happy. I must correct this.

I have to say the Highland Show has such amazing food and I always feel ill afterwards. The boyfriend and I shared a smoked fish which was amazeballs! I also somehow managed to come away with shitloads of salami which is delicious so I can't complain.

I wish I'd managed to steal one of the puppies that were there. Swear to god jack russell babies are adorable! Speaking of babies I saw a bowl perfect for my own :D

Also saw a duck that looked like Paddy? From Ab Fab. Well I thought it did. (quick google - Patsy!)

Then we saw some cute (rather large) calves.

So it was good. Hope you are all well and the like :) xxx

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