Friday, 1 June 2012

Summer is Here

I have literally fallen off the edge of the blogosphere haven’t I? It is shocking. However as per I have a multitude of excuses which include exams, the weather (it’s been beautiful), packing to come home (wait till you see the photos). 

I went for a walk around the campus on one of the last days before coming home and I never really funny appreciate how beautiful my campus is. With the loch and all the tress it really is stunning.

We had to take a photo of the "thin ice". It was so hot I felt like I was literally melting. Trust me it was too hot for a ginger! Thin ice... ridiculous. 

So I mentioned I'd have some exciting packing photos. We had a radiator leakage problem in my bedroom so all of my stuff had to be removed. I mean EVERYTHING. So it has all gone from my room into my brothers room....

So his room is a TIP.

But then look at my room!! It's a barren waste ground with a bed in it... horrible. Now my mother has used this as an excuse to do it up. I think she is going for purple. I just want a nice comfy bed to sleep in ( my current one sound like its crying when I get in). 

Onto the next problem... This is my Uni unpacking. 
So I need more space! Or less stuff. Preferably more space :) 

Hope you are all well. Also I have about 10 old posts I had planned but never got round to writing. Very annoying. 

Bye to you all xxx

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  1. hope you sorted your leakage problem hun!

    thanks for the comment on my blog,