Friday, 22 June 2012

MAC? Yes Please :)

I was going with a friend to Harvey Nichols the other day because she wanted to get eyeshadows from Mac and possibly a lipstick. I knew this was going to be tough! I didn't need anything but when you are there and there's all the pretty things... drool.

I can't lie I've had my eye on this lipstick for months. It's amazing. I wasn't sure if it would actually suit me though but I tried it on and just fell in love with it.

Hells yes!

 Isn't she beautiful?

It's so dark on. Amazingly stays on for hours! I wore this out one day and I had it on from about 11am and didn't have to reapply it until about 5pm. Which is amazing and it was only because I'd been eating that it had slightly worn off. I was annoyed/peeved about the price but actually when it has such good staying power I think it's justified.

My second and rather more expensive purchase was...

Pro Longwear foundation.

Yes I'm rather pale. I'm not sure about this yet. It definitely lasts a long time that is very much in its favour. I'm not sure but I am determined to like it because it was over £20.

Hope you are all well :) xxx


  1. Love the colour of the lipstick :) I've been wondering about mac foundations forever, review? :) x

  2. Russian Red!! <3 it's so beautiful! :D x

  3. oh i abseloutely love mac! i bought my first ever product from them in early June, the studio sculp foundation for a hefty £23.... worth every penny though! Loving your blog as well! Check mine out if you get a chance :)


  4. You cant go wrong with Mac, such good quality! Lovely lipstick shade xxx following

    1. Thank you! I know I worried at first the colour was too red/dark but now I dont care :P xxx