Friday, 31 August 2012


Jenny? Where in the name of arse have you been?!?

Well my friends, I've been lazy, working, lazy, busy and my Grandpa died :(

There are my reasons for just not being here. I've been away so effing long I hardly know what to write about. I could tell you how I've fallen head over heels for my L'oreal gel eye liner. Or how I've also been entranced by George Martins A Song of Ice and Fire, the books are indeed better than the series. Although, who couldn't love this face;

He is one bloody attractive dwarf!

Seriously everybody go watch/read A Game of Thrones!

Here is proof I've still been wearing makeup :P a green eye with the MUA green triplet thingy and some other shades. One was definitely a bright collection 2000 green.  I also have HighBeam (Benefit) at the corners of my eyes.

Forgive the minging nails but I've been wearing Andrew Fullerton's Eliza for the past week or so and whilst I didn't LOVE it when I first recieved it in my glossy box I have to stay it had definitely grown on me. 

This is just proof of my business. This is my ironing pile :| I have to iron all these clothes before Uni and then pack them etc. 

Life is a trial. 

Love to you all xxx


  1. I'm totally with you - he's one very good looking dwarf.

    1. he is! I'm about to settle down and watch some GOT just now mostly so I can look at Tyrion :D xxx