Monday, 7 January 2013

Far Far Away

Christmas had come and gone. As has new year. I have been completely absent from the blog world which is sad because even if I'm not writing my usual bollocks I do like to read everyone else's stuff.

Since getting back from uni I have filled my life with baths.

Many, many baths.

And oh, so many bath bombs :)

This is me and my friends in the Fountain in St. Andrews. We went there for New Year which was awesome although the drive back to Edinburgh was a lot less than awesome.

And as per usual every Christmas Cav includes some sort of breakage. Last year was my foot. This year the iPhone screen. Excellent.

Lastly on my oh so interesting update, my love of netflix has now been pushed to a whole new level as they have added season 4 of Torchwood! Let's be honest who doesn't want to see more of John Barrowman Nom nom nom :D