Friday, 18 January 2013

Review: James Brown Shampoo and Hair Treatment

A review you say? Jenny have you gone mad? Well no, actually I haven't I've just bought a couple of hair products that to be honest I wasn't that impressed with and thought I'd let you lads know.

 Boots were (they may still be) doing a two for £8 on certain hair products and considering the hair treatment was roughly £7.50 on its own I decided to pick up the shampoo as well.

 I don't think I've ever heard anything amazing about James Brown but on the other foot I've never heard anything bad about their products either so if it promises voluminous hair then why not give it a go?
Out of the two product the shampoo was definitely the better one. It worked up into a really good lather and ehm... cleaned by hair... Can't say it made my hair any bigger.

The treatment was just rubbish. It says it'll moisturise the hair but my hair felt really dry after using these products and I just had to go and put on Moroccan oil after my shower.

I'll use these to use them up but I'll be sticking with tresemme as far as affordable shampoo and conditioners go because they really can't be beaten. Hope you have all had a great week :) xxx


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