Monday, 7 May 2012

Benefit Goodies :)

I decided to treat myself to a few discounted benefit goodies. I've been wanting the Dandelion blush for aaaages and decided to increase my small bronzer collection (I have one) by purchasing the Hoola bronzer.

Pretty in their boxes :)

This blush looks so different in the different lights.

This is it more in the shade and it is a really pale but pretty shimmery blush.

It doesn't actually go on with a lot of shimmer but it's soooo pretty :)

The photos I've got of the bronzer actually makes it look pretty pink...

Except this one it looks fairly dark here. It's such a lovely colour :)

This is me trying to get a photo in the light, thankfully there's no shimmer in this (hate shimmery bronzers!)


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