Tuesday, 7 January 2014

2013 Favourite and also WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?

So, I wandered back over to my blog and noticed my last post was in March. MARCH! Do you know how long ago that was?! Do you?! I do, it was forever ago :)

However, all the blogger and the youtube favourites has put me in the mood (ooh-er). So on with the show...

My one and only non-makeup favourite is actually a truly short lived favourite as I got this for christmas. So I've only been using it for about two weeks but I immediately swapped over from my bright green bag that kept falling off my shoulder to this which has a beautiful long strap and a huge secure zip. Essentially I love this. 
I can't say how much it was because it was a present. Google it? 

The colours that have most constantly been on my nails this year (sometimes at the same time) have been No7 Totally Teal (£6) and Essie Navigate Her(£7.99). 
I actually love both these colours. Although I think the Essie has the edge. Also I do think if you're in a rush you can get away with one coat of Essie because it's so thick and just mmm! 

I've just tried to check the price of this mascara and either they've changed the packaging/formula of this or they've stopped making it. Tears of sadness. But the new Rimmel Lash Accelerator in some minging bumblebee yellow packaging is £7.99. Which I thought was rather a lot for mascara but I had the advantage of stealing this from my flatmate first :D
This is amazing at defining the lashes, not a single clump was had! 

Onto Maybelline Lasting Gel Eyeliner which was also £7.99 and has actually lasted me aaaaages. I must have had this for about a year and it's only nearly running out now. 
It is so thick and black and stays on all day. I already have my replacement lined up so I am good to go! 

My current favourite blusher was a youtube video recommendation by slightlyscented (go watch and enjoy) and I actually love this! It's a really nice colour and you only have to use a small amount which is why it barely looks like I've touched it. 
A quick google tells me this is £1.99 I remembered this being cheap and actually this has to be one of the best bargains ever! 

I don't think I need to explain the collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer. It's £4.19 and works brilliantly! Everyone should have this in their life. Actually I thought I'd lost mine but actually I'd left it in my car so now I have an emergency one in case the man at the petrol station is cute :D 

This is quite possibly my favourite thing of the year. Not make-up product but thing! I love it. A family friend gave it to me for my birthday and since then I''ve used it every single time I've done my makeup. 
I've been tempted to buy the original Naked Palette for what feels like forever but even though I now know for sure how much use I'd get out of it I still can't seem to part with the cash! 

Finally the thing making me smell beautiful this year is Viktor and Rolf's FlowerBomb.  She doesn't come home with me because she's too precious to go traveling :P

Right well either this has been a long post or a post full of picture. Or both. I'm really hoping the desire to blog more is a lasting one because I do miss this but I'm in my last semester of uni ever!

I those of you who have managed to stumble back to my blog had an amazing Christmas and drunken New Year :) I do love you all xxx

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