Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Cat Sitting

I'm currently cat sitting for my brother and his girlfriend. I don't like cats :| I'd try to get a picture of her but she's far too speedy for me. She's also like a ninja cat. One minutes you'll be nearly asleep then the next your creeper senses will be a-tingling... well it's because the cat has crept up on you and is hanging over you. She's soooo annoying.

I've also become some sort of lorry driver come chauffeur for two children. I'm driving them home from a sailing course, but the amount of time I'm in the car. It's a two oppose ends of Edinburgh and I live in the middle :| It's over 50 miles. The poor Bambster she can't cope. Well she can, she's a beast, she just can't go very fast :p

Short post today because I have a mound of dishes to do today.

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