Monday, 5 December 2011

Exams/Revision/Kill me now?


Revision has never been my strong point. Never in school can I remember revising... Bodes badly. I revised last year at uni. Probably. 

Why did I pick Law? Why did no one tell me to pick a different degree?!? In hat making or something...

Revision makes me a stressy person. It makes me panic. 

But I'm sure I'll be fiiiiine. I'll pull through...

(P.S. You may have noticed (you didn't though did you... or you just didn't care...) that I've added a twitter button mabob thing to over on the right >>>>>, hold on though don't get too excited I currently have no tweets and 4 followers so don't go and buy/make me a cake or anything.... maybe a cupcake.) 

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  1. im so glad i dont need to do any revision :P

    btw if u have time:

    (yeah im new to bloggin :( )