Saturday, 3 December 2011

Internal Ugg Debate

As the title suggests I'm having an internal Ugg debate. I have to admit I'm not a massive fan. I think they look a bit like slippers, well a lot like slippers, in fact my slippers are very similar to the sundance 2 uggs.

However, a friend of my mother's is going to Australia and so has offered to get them cheaper. I'm puzzled;

I think with the right outfit they can look nice and I have found a few that look less slipper-ish and more like snow boots meets tribal eskimo;

Think these are nice. As are these;

Of the ones I've seen I think those are my favourite, they look less dome, slipper boot like and more like real shoes. 

I don't know. It's a conundrum. Oh dear, exams are too close. 

If you fancy buying some ridiculously expensive slippers here's the Ugg website. Much love xx


  1. hi,
    I love your blog but there is no way for me to follow it, besides on twitter which I don't have.
    I'm Australian and can maybe shed some light on the whole Ugg subject.
    Most Australians, that I know of, only wear ugg boots inside as slipper type things, although we did go through a phase a few years ago where people started to wear them out (some people still do *shudder* ).
    They aren't really meant to be worn outside and fashionable just really comfy and warm.
    Hope that helps.

  2. Thank you :) There's the usual follow button up at the top of the page next to the search bar. If I was more technological I'd create a follow button but... I'd probably break something.
    Yeah, I'd heard in Australia they were worn as slippers and over here we wear as fashion. I think I'm (once again) postponing the decision of buying expensive slippers :P