Monday, 28 November 2011

Carmine Vs Glossybox

Firstly I (one again...sigh) apologise for shoddy photos, but what you have to know is that in Scotland once it gets "light" it suddenly decides its had enough of that nonsense and starts to get dark again. But yes, I apologise for bad photo... again.

As we all know there hundreds (well about 8) glossy box type things on the market such as the feel unique beauty box which is I think £9.95, the Carmine beauty box which is £12.75 and the glossy box which is £12.95 a pop.

So price difference isn't huge and I'd imagine the others are fairly similar.

So I think I've been subscribed to Glossybox for about 3 months. I decided to wait till I came to uni so I wouldn't have to change my address (hassle... yes I'm lazy). 

(yes I know it looks orange but trust me it's pink)

I'm have to say the boxes are just as exciting as the stuff inside them, you can totally imagine keeping love letters in them... if your boyfriend was romantic enough to write love letters... 

So in mine I got the 'cooling foot créme'. All I'll say is I hate feet. 
I also received the 'Dead sea spa magik' haven't used it yet as no bath in lovely (crappy) uni accommodation, I shall however use these when I get home. 
The 'Monu skin perfector' well we shall see, I'll keep you posted as to whether I become perfect in the near future. 
Nail wraps... Not so keen. I like painting my nails, I'm obsessed with nail polish but as a nail biter (so sue me) I doubt I've be using these... christmas present anyone?
Lastly (and a very surprising favourite) 'Serge Lutens" perfume. There was a light one and a dark one (kindly given to my boyfriend) but they were both gorgeous yet when I looked online they are soooo expensive its incredibly sad. 

Now as mention in a previous post I recently waxed my legs. This was not nice. BUT the problem with this was I had to let my leg hair grow..... I am NOT a hairy legs person. As a past swimmer I do not condone hairy legs. 

So, one night feeling hairy me and the boyfriend were suppose to watch a film. But when I got out the shower (so badly wanted to shave) it turned out he'd forgotten about some crappy ultimate frisbee pub quiz. Yes ladies I was ditched for frisbee. So as I'm sure you can imagine I was feeling dumped, ugly, and very, very hairy. So I accidentally (on purpose) bought; 


Obviously with Carmine you know what you are getting before it arrives so I kind of already thought about giving some of it away as christmas presents (stop thinking I'm cheap! I'm a student!) 

So there was 'Flashback Night Cream' stocking filler for the mother? Hmmmm. 
"I-pout lipstick' online this looked very red so I thought perfect present for my brothers girlfriend. But no it's a bit more brown in really life. Soooo.... what a pickle.... It's so cool it has a mirror and a light... aweeeeesome!! 
'Dainty Doll' eyeliner pencil. This is most definitely for me. It's green, I'm ginger its a match made in heaven. 
'Neom organics, Real luxury'. Again brothers girlfriend? It smells lovely and looks nice and expensive which is always key. 
Lastly the 'A la Carté brow ink' which is apparently very good as an eyeliner which is good because I need a good brown eyeliner and this is lovely. 

So out of the two this month Carmine is definitely the winner. 

But I literally do not know what to do. Keep them both? EXPENSIVE!!! Or get rid of one... but which? 

HELP!!! Woman in need! 

Love xxx

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