Monday, 28 November 2011

Domestic Goddess

The life of a student is tough...

On Saturday I made cupcakes with pink icing. On Sunday I made more cupcakes but the inside bit was pink and green. See picture below (which looks very orange but trust me it was pink);

I then made some cookies today.

I made the first batch of cupcakes for a depressed roommate. The second for my boyfriend because apparently I never make him anything (which I don't, and he's forever cooking me dinner... oops) and the cookies because a visitor dropped in and demanded them.

Life's tough being a domestic goddess!

Unfortunately I was also planning to start a diet this week.... Ridiculous amounts of baking does not help dieting. Baking causes eating so much you feel full and then caving into ordering chinese takeaways... Don't even ask.

I do however have exams to study for because I suck at Law. No one, I repeat, no one cares about servitudes, they are just too confusing and boring. The End.

To add to my eternal procrastination Alex Day (Nerimon from youtube) and Jimmy Hill (jimmy0010) have released about 7 new Vaguely Live Radio podcasts that I didn't know about. This does not bode well for my eternal struggle to revise.

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