Wednesday, 2 November 2011

New Jewellery :)

So, I haven't had new jewellery for ages (none that I've bought myself anyway) and that's mostly because I generally think the money could be better used elsewhere (because it's so often over-priced) or because I never really find anything I like that much.

BUT I've been following DollyBowBow on youtube for a while now (go check her out ) and I finally decided to go to her online shop and splurge a bit on some stuff. So here is what I bought;

This is the 'Faith Bracelet' and was £7. It's a lot more delicate than I thought it was going to be but I still really like it.

 This is the 'Angel Wing Ring' and was £6. I really like this, I think I've probably seen rings similar to this elsewhere but I just liked the texturing, it's kind of between a gold and silver colour.
This is by far my favourite £6 for the 'Double Finger Cross Ring' and its lovely I've only worn it about twice and nearly everyone has commented on it. I absolutely love it. Go buy one. There's loads around. Apologies for the poor picture quality the light in my tiny box (uni room) is shockingly bad.

Go buy stuff.

I also finally got round to buying the Sleek Storm palette but everybody knows what colours are in that by now and also a kate Moss lipstick in number 8.

Anyway that's all for now as I have a 2,000 word essay to write for friday. See ya.

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