Monday, 14 November 2011

Must be Winter

So my River Island jumper arrived (Still waiting for H&M grrrrr) and I thought I'd share it with the blogosphere.

I also (finally) found the perfect big jumper with the peeeerfect buttons I've been looking for for literally months.

So firstly to the River Island beeeeautiful Cowl neck jumper mabob thing :P....

I think this was a sale item and was £12 and for me the only annoying thing about it is the lack of sleeves. Apart from that I love it, especially the turquoise colour and the neck its just mmm :)

As for the Primark jumper... well its Primark so obviously they only had sizes 16 and 20. No 12s and no 14s useless. But I decided for the perfect buttons and the fact I'd been looking for sooooo(ooooooooo) long I should really just go for it. And I'm very glad I did as it's super cosy.

It is fairly big but I'm never really going to have it buttoned up so... 

As for the buttons... drum roll....

ooft are they not just puurrrrfect?

Ah I Love it. This was also £12 which for primark I thought was a bit above the usual? But then I've not really been in there for a while. 

I also picked up something else I've been looking for...

Nothing too exciting just some £2.50 woolly tight... winter :) 

I had also planned to show you more Kate Moss lipsticks I picked up (I think I have a problem) and some nail varnishes (okaaaaay two problems) but the lighting today is ridiculously bad. Stupid Scotland getting dark at like two in the afternoon. 

oh well :) Take care x x

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