Friday, 25 November 2011

Crazy Shopping

I have literally been buying far too much. I think I have an addiction/problem most likely owing to exams approaching and my need to release the tension.

Annoyingly due to the ridiculously crap Scottish weather (being dark for 80% of the day) I have only been able to get one good(ish) photo and that is off this lovely H&M jumper;

I think it was only about £10 and is super cosy. I absolutely love the neckline :) I'm loving being able to justify spending lots of money on warm jumpers because of the freezing weather.

I will try to get some decent photos in the 2 hours of daylight we get of my other things.

I also waxed (veet) my legs for the first time yesterday (DON'T DO IT!!!) okay it wasn't soooo bad but gah. Don't think it's for me. Right I'm off to revise (Watch Julie & Julia). 

Take care x x x

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